Hey Friends –

You’ll never guess where I’m going and what I’ll be doing this week. 

It’s definitely another “only God” moment.

But first, some history.

Most of you know, in 1998 my fiance was tragically killed in a freak workplace accident. I’ll never forget sitting on my parent’s hardwood steps, looking at my pastor/friend Rob in the eye and wailing, “Why? Why, Rob, why? Why would God allow this?”

Rob’s response, “Cindy, I just know God is going to use this somehow…someway. He will bring good from this, if you will let Him. I promise.”

Now to be honest, Rob’s well-intentioned words didn’t bring much comfort at the time. I didn’t want God to use David’s death for good. I just wanted David back – whole, healthy, good, alive – not some story to be redeemed someday.

Nothing personal, Rob 🙂

However, I did promise that night that I would give God my pain….every ounce of it. My heart was shattered in a bzillion different pieces, and I couldn’t carry the broken pieces alone. I begged God to make something beautiful out of my devestated, shattered heart.

Since that time, God has slowly mended my broken heart…painful stitch by painful stitch. I’ve watched firsthand as God has used the broken pieces for His good purposes. Through the pain of David’s death and the journey of grief following, we’ve witnessed….

  • MANY men, women and children give their life to Jesus Christ (including my Dad!)
  • God provide opportunity after opportunity for me to speak and share messages of hope based on my personal and painful journey through grief
  • God use my story on the Day of Discovery TV program to transform lives around the world. (Check out where God has taken “He Loves Me” here.) Wow!

Now guess what God is doing?

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Wake Forest, NC to meet with the amazing folks from Griefshare.   Are you familiar with GriefShare? They provide support for individuals and families journeying through grief, and their groups are held in over 20,000 churches worldwide.  (Did you catch that – over 20,000 churches?! Wow!)

They’ve asked me to come to be filmed and interviewed for their curriculum. I have 40+ questions I’ll be answering on camera, and my story will be featured in over eight of the teaching sessions. Although it’s not been easy to reflect in intense detail my painful journey through the valley of grief, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to allow God to, once again, taken my brokenness and use it for His redemptive plan. 

Friends, may I ask you to pray? The videotaping will begin on Friday morning at 9:30 AM EST.

Author Terry Wardle says, “In His hands, the object of deepest sorrow can become the source of our greatest blessing.”

 How have you seen God use your broken pieces to encourage or strengthen others?

Do you have any GriefShare stories to share? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!

Sweet blessings –



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