imagesCE79YHZNHey Friends –

Y’all know I try and have this blog be a source of encouragement, joy and hope.

But today I’m sorta in a funk.

Is it ok if I’m real?

Rocky ate Sarah's birthday cake

Rocky ate Sarah’s birthday cake

It’s been one too many days of intense cold + John traveling + my dog who eats anything and everything + exhausting snow days with three kids six kids (they all had a friend spend the night) +  hard conversations with hurt feelings + holiday weight gain + deadlines + having to cook dinner again = crabby, irritable mom.

We all know if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

And I don’t want to live like that….for me or my family.

Rocky's Paths 2014

Rocky’s Paths 2014

As I was letting my obnoxious dog outside, I was struck by the paths he created in my backyard.

It reminded me of the powerful words shared many years ago when I found myself in a pit of despair when my fiancé David was killed.

My sweet friend Eileen said, “Cindy dear, you have a choice. You can allow David’s death to make you better or bitter.” 

I determined regardless of my circumstances I would choose better.

The same is true today. Regardless of my frustrating circumstances, I still have a choice. I will choose better.

Here are some of the choices I’ve made today towards living better, and not bitter.

  • I am choosing to view the holiday weight gain as a “setback that’s an opportunity for a comeback.” I will speak words of kindness to myself, rather than being a shaming bully. If I wouldn’t talk that way to a girlfriend, I won’t talk that way to myself either. I will not fat talk.
  • I am choosing to face conflict rather than stuff it. I sent a honest email to a woman who shared hurtful words with me. Rather than numbing the pain, I am choosing to talk about it with truth and grace.
  • I am choosing to take care of myself emotionally. I called a girlfriend who is wise and funny and asked her if I could tell her how I was doing, really. After sharing my frustrations, I received her words of love and encouragement.
  • I am choosing to take care of myself physically. I am making food choices to nourish and strengthen my body, and getting the physical exercise I need.
  • I am choosing to go to Starbucks and use the gift card I was given because, duh, I’m not perfect, and a latte just sounds good! 🙂

I love this quote from Brene Brown:



The same is true for you, my friend.

You have a choice.

You can allow the circumstances of your day to make YOU better or bitter.

You can choose to show up and be real and honest — or you can sit on the sidelines living numbed out, frustrated, joyless lives.

But the good news: Regardless of our circumstances, we always have a choice.

Let’s choose Truth. Hope. Joy. Speaking kindly and gracefully (even especially to ourselves). Let’s choose to allow whatever circumstances we are going through to make us better and not bitter.

How are you doing today, friend? Really? How can I pray for you?

Remember — please know that you matter, and know that you are loved. (If you’ve forgotten, review here).

You are not alone.

I’m so grateful you chose to stop by *She Sparkles*.  I thank God for you!

Sweet blessings,

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