Hey Friends –

Just to warn you — my mind is one ginormous pile of mush.

Our home. Lovely.

Our home. Lovely.

You may remember, we are in the midst of a home remodel (i.e. completely gutted kitchen).

I’ll spare you the messy details, but imagine: no refrigerator, no sink, no dishwasher, no kitchen floor, nothing. Instead: nails, screws, loud saws and workers showing up at 7:30 AM, plus boxes and boxes of randomness everywhere.

Where is my checkbook? I don’t know.

Where is our phone charger? I don’t know.

Where is (insert anything)? I just don’t know. Ugh.

My little Sarah said earlier this week — as she ate a lukewarm blueberry poptart on a paper plate (don’t judge) — “Wow, Mom, I feel like we’re camping.”

Yep, we’re camping over here folks.  It’s lovely.

And then there’s my bedroom.

After our recent anniversary trip to Boston, three days later, I headed out to the Logos Women’s Ministry Summit in Dallas, Texas. Did you catch that: three days later.

I literally turned my suitcase over, dumped everything left from Boston on my bedroom floor, and repacked for Dallas.

The pile of leftover flip flops and maps and toiletries still rests in a heap on my bedroom floor.

Sorry, friends, just keepin’ it real.


Logos Women in Ministry Summit 2014

The good news: I had an awesome time in Dallas! Logos Bible Software is the best, and I had a super fun time meeting many passionate communicators, authors, Bible teachers, and the amazing, generous Logos team. So super fun! (Photo recap here)

All of this to say, that’s why this post is so unbelievably random.

So let’s talk winners, friends!

It’s time to announce the Red Hot Faith winners from my Launch Week festivities! Woo Hoo!

Leader's Pack

Leader’s Pack

Thanks to my publisher, I’m thrilled to give away a complete Red Hot Faith Leader Pack (valued at $32.99) to these 5 winners —

1. Debbie Collins

2. Kathy Dalton

3. Bonnie Phebus

4. Patti Cory

5. Sara Collins

photo123Here are the 10 winners of the A to Z “Truth Tellers” (which you will love, by the way — I sure do!)

1. Jenny C.

2. Sherri McDermitt

3. Amanda Jones

4. Jasmine Henderson

5. Jen Scheuneman

6. Terry Caplinger

7. Sarah Beckham

8. Christina Juntunen

9. Karen Powell

10. Jean Sprouse

All winners, will you please send your mailing address to my assistant Heather at We’ll get your red-hot package in the mail asap.

Let’s do it again, friends!

I love giveaways! Maybe the paint is getting to me (LOL!) — but I want to share more red-hot faith resources with you! Yippee!

I’m excited to share I’ll be giving away 5 more Red Hot Faith Leader’s Packs & 10 more A to Z Truth Tellers!

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