Hey friends —

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Watchman Nee—

{Photo credit: Lisa Hunter}

Isn’t that an awesome visual?

I love thinking of a huge, mighty locomotive filled to overflowing with God’s power and blessing…and how my part—our part— is to “pray down the tracks” so this powerful locomotive can come roaring through. 

It also breaks my heart to think of this Divine steam engine—filled to the full with life-changing blessings and miracles—waiting patiently in the station, desiring to have rails on which to run.

I’m wondering if you’ll join me in “praying down the tracks” this week. How we need God’s strength and mighty power. Please?

First, some backstory: You may remember, last fall I was invited to be an Ambassador for Compassion International.

My husband John has sponsored children faithfully through Compassion since he was in college. We so believe in this global ministry, and the more I learn about Compassion behind-the-scense, the more excited I am about what God is doing through them and how we can help.  

And, guess what?!

We’ve also signed up to travel with them to Guatemala—tomorrow! Woo Hoo! ✈️☀️

I love that the trip is over my 47th birthday. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do over my birthday than serve and love kids in Jesus’ Name. Hooray!

I also can’t wait to meet our sponsored child Mildred Jimena and other precious kids when John and I travel to Compassion’s Child Development Centers throughout Guatemala. Hooray!

Here’s where I need your help and prayers:

My personal prayer/goal is to help find sponsors for 47 kids before my 47th birthday on Tuesday. Friends, I am 8% of the way there. 8%.

{insert super sad face}

Want to help me reach my birthday goal?

Friend, if you’d like to sponsor a Compassion Child in honor of my birthday, sharing hope with him/her this Spring, and helping release them from poverty, I’d love to hear from you!  You can check out my Compassion page, or email me at cindy@cindybultema.com. Or feel free to share this post with a friend who would be interested in sharing hope with kids around the world.  

You can check out my Compassion page here. It looks like this:


In return, I’d gladly send you a copy of my new book Live Full Walk Free. Or schedule a coaching phone call with you, or maybe John would come mow your lawn, or my girls could bake you some cookies.

You get the idea. We are taking our role seriously, and want to do our part to help these beloved children in need. I’d love to help you get involved in any way that I can. 

Do you currently sponsor a child with Compassion?

If yes, what is his/her name? Where do they live? How have you been impacted through sponsorship? I’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks for helping “pray down the tracks” as we travel and serve this week, sweet friend. I hope you’ll follow my journey on Facebook @Cindybultemaspeaker. We can’t wait to see what God has planned ! 

Sweet blessings, 

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