As we quickly approach the month of May, our family pace goes from quick to crazy fast. You too? I needed this reminder, perhaps you do too. Enjoy the repost – and yes, I still have a Christmas tree up in our home! 🙂

Hey Friends ~

The past few weeks have been a bitty nutty for me. Anyone else??

Besides the excitement of the “He Loves Me” release – we’re in full fledge “May mode” over here – which means baseball games, every field trip imaginable for my 3 young kids, one zillion “end of school year” projects and events, not to mention Jake is graduating this month (holy cow!), plus we’re trying to help him navigate his plans for Fall.

Just thinking about my schedule makes me need a nap.

Can you relate?

Last week I was so exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally that I thought I could burst out in tears at any moment.

Although I wanted to crawl into bed, I was a good girl and showed up for recess duty as scheduled (although no one else did. Ahem). After 60 minutes of hanging out with 200+ elementary kids in 85 degree heat – I was done.

Stick a fork in me, done.

Just as I was leaving, the principal saw me and said, “Oh good, Cindy, you’re here. I need to talk to you. It’s not good”. I spent the next hour 30 minutes hearing about the poor choice my normally “rule-follower” child made on the bus. Ugh.

Benj’s Bake Sale

Fast forward to Saturday. I was in the middle of helping Benj with a school project (bake sale), right before Jake’s Graduation Open House. A friend stopped by Benj’s Bake Sale and commented how I must be Super Woman.Super Woman, me? Not hardly.

In case any one else has that mis-perception, it’s time I take off my cape. Quickly.

Here are a few of the many reasons I am not Super Woman….

  • I left Benj at baseball practice on Thursday night. Yes, I am that mom. I was helping plan Jake’s Open House when I got a text from Jake. “Mom, does Benj need a ride? I just drove by the baseball field and he’s the only one left”. At 8:30 at night. AHHH!

Thank you to my friend Sally who helped make light of the situation after my meltdown. She said, “That’s the first time you left a kid? Really? With all you have going I thought you’d have left a kid long before now.” 🙂 Thanks, Sally! You are a gift!

  • Although I helped coordinate Benj’s Bake Sale, Benj did the baking (plus extra baked goods from the two grandmas). I am still not a baker. I will confess to throwing some cup cakes in the oven quickly when we almost ran out of baked goods…but that’s it.
    Jake’s Open House
  • For Jake’s Open House, I went in with 3 other moms. For the other moms this was their last kid, so they had done this before and were seasoned Open House planners. My responsibility? Helium balloons. 🙂
  • I need to call my Grandma. I told my Grandma we’d call her on Mother’s Day…then Manda had hives, Benj had baseball and I still haven’t called her. Super Woman would not leave her Grandma hanging (Sorry, Grandma).

I could go on and on…but I think the # 1 reason I am not Super Woman…

  • We still have a Christmas tree up in our house.

Woo Hoo! There you have it…I may be wearing lipstick and appear like I am semi non-frazzled (some days) but I am definitely NOT Super Woman! No siree!

How about for you? How are you doing this month? Do you qualify for Super Woman status? Or is it time for you to retire your cape? I would love to hear from YOU!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! God’s richest, non-frazzled blessings to you!

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