sorryMy sweet friends —

If you’ve spent any time around here, y’all know I try to keep it real.

Whether I’m struggling with my

I try to let you know how I am really doing.  Always.

And I appreciate your comments and feedback so I know how you are really doing too.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d been recently knocked down. Big time. Whereas I didn’t go into details — and still can’t — I appreciated your sweet words and prayers.

Isn’t it a gift to know we don’t have to pretend like we have it all together?

Since we’ve been back from Spring Break, I haven’t shared any helpful “knocked down” tips or strategies. I plan to. Someday. Maybe. I’m not there yet. I am definitely not at a place to talk about the devastation of Spring 2014, and may never be.

Truth be told, I’m still trying to figure out how to catch my next breath.

Which leads to why I need to apologize to you.

In the middle of journeying through unbelievably hard stuff in my personal life, a little Bible study called Red Hot Faith is coming out. After nearly 3 years of praying and working and trusting and persevering, Red Hot Faith is ready for release!

So when I post pictures on FB like this —-

Look what I just picked up from my publisher. It's for real, y'all!

Look what I just picked up from my publisher. It’s for real, y’all!

It would be easy to conclude I have it all together.

That my days are filled with tons of laughter, confetti, and oodles of joy.

Yeah, not so much.

I may be smiling on the outside (and yes, I’m super happy and grateful and excited to see what God will do with Red Hot Faith) — but there are pretty significant parts of my life which are challenging right now. And it stinks.

Not to mention my wonderful kids shared their sniffles and sore throat with me — and I’ve spent most of the week coughing, sneezing, and praying my voice sticks around. When I’m sick, I’m crabby. Enough said.

A good friend saw my FB update and sent me a text, “You must be feeling better. I saw your pic on FB. You look so happy and great!”

Friends, I’m so sorry if somehow I’m communicating everything is perfect in my world. I’m not trying to be inauthentic. Promise.

Please don’t mistake my smile on the outside for stress-free living on the inside.  I’d be so sad to hear my pictures and posts are somehow communicating something not true.

And whatever you do, please don’t compare my cheerful pictures and snapshots with your daily life — especially if its messy. I’m messy too. And we all know what comparisons can do, right?DontLetComparisonStealYourJoy1Here’s the truth: We live in a broken, sinful world. Life is hard. People hurt us. Circumstances disappoint us. We have conversations and hear words we’d never dream would be a part of our daily conversation.

But doesn’t that lead to the Good News of Easter?

That in the midst of our mess, God sent His one and only Son, Jesus.

And Jesus came that we might have life — not just life someday in heaven, but full and abundant life today. Yes, today. Even in the midst of our disappointments, hurts, and challenging circumstances.

And although Friday seemed dark and final, Sunday was coming. There is a happy ending. He is risen! Indeed!

Sweet friend, I’m not sure where this post finds you today. Perhaps your days are filled with lots of joy and good things. I’m so happy for you! Really!

Or maybe you’re feeling run down, exhausted, overwhelmed, barely hanging on. Me too.

Here’s what I’m learning: we’re gonna be ok. We’re gonna make it. I’m not sure what we’re going to be asked to walk through, but if we just keep focusing Upward — trusting God and His Word to guide us through — we will not be destroyed. We will not, friends.

As we enter this Easter weekend, please know you are not alone.

  • Not everyone is having amazing, joy-filled family holiday dinners. (Our little family is eating at Qdoba on Sunday.)
  • Not everyone will be wearing beautiful, size 2 Easter dresses. (Trust me, I won’t be!)
  • Not everyone is living “Pinterest-perfect.”

But God sent Jesus for everyone…and to anyone who calls out on the Name of Jesus  — there is hope. peace. resurrection power.

And that is some Good News!

Whew! Now that we have that cleared up, I’m going back to my sickbed!

May you sense God’s presence and peace every moment of your Easter weekend.

Look for His hand. He is with you!

Sweet blessings,
P.S. My favorite Greek scholar posted this today — “As you celebrate Easter this weekend, I want to encourage you to live vitally aware every day of Jesus’ resurrection power working in your life and your circumstances. It’s as we meditate on the things of the God and the truths of His Word that those things become real to us.” — Rick Renner

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