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A few Friday’s ago the enrollment coordinator from our school called me.

A local news station (WZZM) wanted to air a segment on why private school enrollment is going up in our area. Besides interviewing the superintendent, they were hoping to interview a mom…and they were wondering if I would do it.

Of course I said NO. I don’t like video cameras, and the thought of being interviewed made my stomach hurt. :/

However, as we were talking, she assured me they just wanted to hear from a mom’s perspective. I could share why we decided to enroll our kids at a Christian school, and the impact our school has on our 4 kids.

I sensed God was calling me to do it.

I reluctantly said “yes” to the TV interview, and told her I’d be there Monday morning.

I spent the weekend thinking about what an amazing experience Grand Rapids Christian School has been for our family.

Please know, I recognize choosing a school is a very personal matter for families, and a decision to be made with lots of prayer, research, discussion, and reflection.

I certainly am not saying whether the best choice is public school, private, charter or homeschool. I’m not saying that at all.

For us, we made the decision to enroll Jake at Grand Rapids Christian when he was starting the 3rd grade (so almost 10 years ago).

We have loved every minute of it. In fact, as I was thinking of the teachers who have impacted my kids over the years, I started to get a little excited about the interview, and the chance to share why I love our school.

On the day of the interview, I enjoyed meeting Stacia K., one of WZZM’s Morning anchors.

I shared how I loved starting all of our parent teacher conferences in prayer.

I talked about how the teachers are more like family to us, especially since we share a common faith in Jesus. Every teacher we’ve had has modeled Christ’s love in action.

I reflected on how when my husband John went through a job transition/loss a few years ago, the teachers prayed our kids (and family) through a very difficult time.

I added how much I appreciate that the school is Christ centered, and that whether they are learning about math, music or Social Studies – everything is taught with Christ as our foundation.

Although I sensed she wanted “an angle”, I kept going back to Jesus.

Our decision is personal, but we love Grand Rapids Christian school.

Friday morning the segment aired. Unfortunately most of my talk about Jesus hit the cutting room floor. My 3 kids are in the clip, so they are thrilled!

Here is the interview if you’d like to check it out…


A huge note of thanks for my FB friends who prayed me through the interview!

What do you appreciate most about your school?? I’d love to hear from you!

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