Hey Friends!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season!

True confession: I experienced a deep sense of disappointment this New Year’s Eve. Ugh.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

From the outside, all seemed fine. My husband John and I took the kids to a family-fun indoor water park, and enjoyed three days of games, swimming, mini-golf, and hotel food. The problem wasn’t my family or my surroundings.

But on the inside, I was struggling. Big time.

I felt a huge sense of guilt, condemnation, despair, and I completely lost my joy.

Thankfully, one early morning while the kids were still sleeping (not too early—goodness knows my kids would sleep until noon if I’d let them), I had the chance to spend some alone time with God and the Word. I desperately wanted to get to the bottom of my sadness and discouragement.

After some time in prayer, I quickly realized I was deeply disappointed in how my 2015 turned out.

You see, last year I set lofty 2015 goals. Since I was turning 45, I set “45” as my theme—

  • Lose 45 pounds
  • Memorize 45 new Bible verses
  • Write 45 new blog posts

You get the idea.

And now here we were, 365 days later, and I didn’t meet one of my 2015 goals. In fact, during a year that I thought I would spend writing and blogging and accomplishing much for the Kingdom, I sensed God was calling me to take the summer off.

Instead of writing a book and/or expanding my blog readership, I hosted sleepovers. We played lots of card games, spent a week unplugged at the lake, and I took my kids and their friends on an overnight mystery day. We flew to Colorado, hiked up mountains, rode a jeep through rugged canyons,  and experienced five new states. I said “yes, sure!” a lot more to my kiddos, instead of “not right now, I have to work.” I hosted a yummy Mexican fiesta for my son Jake’s 21st birthday, and helped him pack and prepare for his fall semester overseas in Spain. (Thankfully he arrived home this weekend after four months away!)

Welcome Home, Jake!

Welcome Home, Jake!

Overall, my plan for 2015 was very different than God’s plan for 2015.

How about for you? Did you meet your New Years goals and resolutions for 2015, sweet friend?

If you did, congratulations! I celebrate YOU! Woo Hoo!

But if you didn’t, please know, you are not the only one.

As I sat before God with my open Bible and sad heart this weekend, I realized these thoughts of disappointment were not the voice of my Heavenly Father speaking to me. Our God does not say to His dearly loved kids things like:

    • You blew it again.
    • What a disappointment you are.
    • How can you teach on fullness and freedom when you can’t even keep a few simple resolutions.
    • You are not enough.

Our God is not a big bully, a critical coach, a demanding dad, or a faithful faultfinder.

He is a God of love, compassion, encouragement, peace, and delight!



And that, dear friend, is GOOD NEWS!

Can I get an Amen?! 🙂

Now does this mean we don’t make resolutions or goals or prayerfully pick our #onewords? That’s not what I’m saying.

But let’s not allow the pressures of the world or the season or social media or weight loss commercials get in the way of the peace, the freedom, the wholeness, the grace that is available to us through Christ.

So, did I set new resolutions for 2016 and/or pick my #oneword? I’ll be back later this week to fill you in. But first, tell me how YOU are, sweet friend.

How was your New Year’s? What’s on your heart these days? I would love to hear from YOU!

Sweet blessings,


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