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Happy Summer to you!

I’ve shared recently that I’ve been making some very hard, but extremely important changes these days. To recap, I’m basically taking a “summer sabbatical” from creating or adding anything new, including the book I’m super excited about. It’s time for me to take a real rest.

Has it been easy to say “no“? Of course not.

I don’t like saying “no” to good things, especially friends, endorsement opportunities, speaking engagements, and other fun Kingdom-building opportunities. Not one bit.

But, the good news: I feel healthier, stronger, and more “free” than I have in a long time. Yay, God!

So how did I get to this place?

I realized this past Spring I had been asking the wrong questions.

As I was preparing for summer, I was pondering…

  • How will I get my work done with the kids at home?
  • Who can help me keep the kids busy?
  • How will I balance summer schedule + family stuff + ministry + stay healthy?
  • How will I get everything done?

One day as I was praying, God suddenly revealed to me I was asking the wrong questions.

Instead I should be asking…

  • How can I spend time in the Word and allow God to restore my weary soul?
  • How can I best enjoy my family this summer?
  • How can we learn more about God and His great love?
  • How can God use me to strengthen my marriage and family connections?

Suddenly everything changed, and my prayers have gone in a whole new direction.

I’m super excited to see how God is answering my petitions, especially since now I’m asking better questions. Instead of trying to work from home with three active tweens here, I’m able to spend the day playing cards, going for walks, hosting friend “hang-outs” and basically just being fully present for my family.

We’ve also planned some extended family vacations—and no, I will not be bringing work along.

A week at a Bible Conference grounds (Family + Lake Michigan + Bible teaching everyday + no cooking for me = sign me up!), plus a trip to beautiful Colorado, where my son Jake and his girlfriend are working this summer.

Y’all, I still have a lot to learn and desperately need help in implementing these new healthy habits when summer is over. I still get hurt feelings when friends let me know my “no” is a disappointment to them, or when FB friends huff and puff for my slow message response time. Ugh.

But this I know—when we ask God to teach us a better way to live, He is faithful to answer. Jesus really did come for us to enjoy a full, free life (John 10:10).  We get to choose whether we will follow His lead towards abundant, whole living, or cling to beliefs, patterns, and habits that lead us towards exhaustion, overwhelmedness, and/or defeat.

Remember, we always have a choice!

So, how about for you, sweet friend?

Are there any areas of your life where you may be asking the wrong question?

  • Instead of complaining about your full work load, is there anything on your calendar that should go for this season (i.e. volunteer work, social media, TV, etc.)?
  • Instead of wondering what diet plan you should follow this week, instead, could you reflect on how best to cherish and appreciate your body—just the way that it is?
  • Instead of wondering how you can build your “platform,” are there ways you could serve right where you are?
  • Instead of counting down the days until summer is over, are there new activities you could enjoy as a family this summer?
  • Instead of wondering when God is going to give you a new job, are there ways He wants to grow your character and faith at your current place of employment?

What season of life are you in now, dear friend? What tips and strategies have you found help you fully enjoy your life? In what areas of your life are you finding it helpful to just say no? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a joy-filled, warm, amazing week!

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