safe treeHey Friends —

When was the last time the pressures of your world —troubles, worry, fear —made you want to run?

  • Maybe you are exhausted with your summer schedule, and find yourself wanting to soothe your weary soul in an ice cream sundae?
  • Or perhaps the disappointing news has left you feeling insecure or alone, and suddenly you sense the need to control every aspect of your life?
  • Or maybe the relationship struggle is just too much — and everything in you wants to run away, start over, begin afresh — anything but experience more hurt, more harsh words, more heaviness.

I’m mindful today of something God taught me years ago when I wanted to run, stuff or numb out; or when I’m stressed out and overwhelmed and everything in me wants to drink a pot of coffee or eat something chocolatey or drown my sorrows in chips and salsa.

When my flesh wants to run to something, anything — this is what I’ve learned to do. I wonder if might help you too.

It is based on Proverbs 18:10, which declares —

Proverbs 1810
If you are feeling overwhelmed with the worries/stresses/”daily-ness” of life, here’s what I’ve found to do —





What a blessing to know that God always hears our prayers! Even if we walk away “feeling” the same, the Truth is that God has heard you, He cares, and He will answer – He will show up!

And regardless of your circumstances, by running to your Strong Tower, you will now have a peace, a strength, a sense of security that you wouldn’t have by running to Starbucks or a plate of chips and salsa! Guaranteed.

safe full

Sweet friend, my hope is the next time we are faced with a challenge or stressful situation—which may even be yet today— God will equip us and empower us to walk through the challenge victoriously, rather than running elsewhere!

Perhaps the SAFE example will come to mind—it has helped me tremendously!

If you’d like a free downloadable color bookmark to hang around your home, you can print it off here — Safe bookmark

May we be committed to turning/running to Him alone, and may He remove ANYTHING in our lives that is getting in the way of FULLNESS with Him!

How about you, friend? What have you learned about running to God vs. running to counterfeits and/or comforts? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a super, victorious week!

Sweet blessings,




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