Hey Friends –

When was the last time you wanted to quit?

Whether it’s the demanding work challenge, hard relationship struggle, exciting ministry opportunity that extends us too far out of our comfort zone, or our new personal fitness/healthy living goals – I sense we’ve all had moments when we want to throw in the towel and simply give up. 

In my last post, I shared the very real struggles that I’ve been faced with recently. This past December, my anxiety reached an all-time high. I began to rehearse in my mind the words I’d share with the project director when I told him I wasn’t ready to go forward.    

Thankfully that conversation never left my head (whew!), and I didn’t give up. In fact, I’m more excited about this Red Hot Faith project than ever! (Thank You, God!). 

While the struggle and desire to quit is fresh in my mind, I’ve decided to share 3 lessons I’ve learned.  May they encourage you (and me!) the next time we are tempted to give up.

When You Want to Quit

1. Identify the “root” issue.

  • What is the underlying issue that is fueling your desire to quit?
  • Is that issue valid?
  • Is it worth giving up?

Personally, for me, at the core – it was fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being rejected. Fear of what others would think. I had to decide if I was going to let fear hold me back from what I sensed God was calling me to do. I had a choice to make.

Once I identified the root was fear (and we know fear is not from God), it helped fuel a steadfast determination to keep going. I would ask God daily to replace my fear with His courage and I was choosing to remain walking forward….even if I was shaking in my sparkly boots. 🙂

2. Ask friends for help 

If you are seriously considering giving up, please invite a wise, Truth-telling Christian friend to journey with you. Share how you are really doing.

I’m so thankful to my friend Sally who spent many hours helping me discern “fear” was the root issue of my anxiety. I also had a special group of girlfriends come over bi-weekly in January to help pray for me, read my Red Hot Faith study, watch the teaching videos, and encourage me. Their presence and words of Truth were that “cup of cold water” I needed to bring me across the finish line. God did not intend us to journey alone.

If you want to quit, who can you call TODAY and ask for help, wisdom and prayer?

3. Fill your mind with Truth.

Sweet friends, if we are going to experience a victorious life, especially in the midst of our challenging circumstances, we MUST fill our minds with Truth. Not things that are true, but the TRUTH of who God is and what He says about us.

  • It may be true that you’ve never done anything like this before.
  • It may be true that you are taking a risk by publishing this material.
  • It may be true that others won’t understand, and may even write letters.

You get my drift. As Kelly Minter shares in her book, “No Other Gods”….

Satan will tell us what’s true, but he never tells us the TRUTH”.

It’s time to take what is true and match it with God’s TRUTH!

  • It may be true that you’ve never done anything like this before….but our God is ABLE to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than we could ever ask or imagine. If He’s called you, He will equip and empower you with everything you need.
  • It may be true that you are taking a risk by publishing this material…but in Christ you are ACCEPTED, COURAGEOUS, and FAITH-FILLED; you don’t need to worry about what others will think. 
  • It may be true that others won’t understand, and may even write letters…but your LOVE, WORTH, and VALUE is not based on what others think, but what God thinks – and HE THINKS YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

I once heard someone say, “It’s time we change our “what ifs” to “so what”. I wholeheartedly agree.

  • So what if others don’t understand.
  • So what if your book doesn’t reach the NY Times best seller?
  • So what if your blog doesn’t reach 8 million people?

So what?!

  • Did you do what God called you to do?
  • Did you serve Him with excellence? (Not perfection, but excellence).
  • Did you try your best?
  • Did you keep your heart pure?
  • Did you seek Him every step of the way?

As Beth Moore says, “We are warriors, not wimps.”

Let’s start believing God for ALL that He has for us and watch Him do amazing things before our very eyes! I’m not throwing in the towel, and I hope you won’t either. 🙂

So I’m curious…when was the last time you wanted to quit? What helped you keep going? How did you overcome your current challenges? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. God’s richest blessings to you!

Sweet blessings,


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