Remember that important choir try-out? The choir teacher sent me a personal email  today to caution me I may have a disappointed daughter. She didn’t make it this year. Ugh. The worst part: Manda doesn’t know yet. Will you join me in praying for wisdom, the right words, & understanding? My heart is breaking over here for my girl.   

Hey Friends –

It started over Christmas break.

Rather than sleeping through the night, I would toss and turn and meditate on all the “worst case scenarios.”

My mind was pelted with horrible fears, discomforting worry, and extreme anxiety. My lack of self-confidence and insecurities were at an all-time high.

I shared my concerns with a close girlfriend. After hearing the intense fear and lack of courage oozing from her normally upbeat, sparkly, encouraging friend – my friend finally declared,

“Cindy, maybe you’re not ready. I’ve just not seen this side of you before.”

I agreed. My apprehensions were “through the roof,” so to speak, and I didn’t know what to do.

My only solution, I sensed, was to step back and quit. I just couldn’t do it.

Have you ever been there before?

Have you wanted to throw in the towel on a new opportunity, project, relationship, or dream?

Did it seem easier to step back into the safe, familiar and comfortable rather than step out by faith into the new and the unknown?

When was the last time you wanted to quit?

Thankfully I didn’t let fear and anxiety get the best of me — yet.

red hot faith spponAs terrifying as it’s been to step out into the new world of publication, I turned in my Red Hot Faith manuscript. In addition to the video teachings, I have officially written a Bible study/participant’s guide.

The release date is coming, and quickly. May 30, 2014.

Thank You, God and please help me!

It’s true that I still hear the voices of doubt and discouragement…

  • “What if people write letters and say mean things to you?”
  • “What if people think it’s not fill in the blank enough”
  • “What if people mock your hair, your writing style, your speech, your you name it.”

It’s true that the lies still taunt me, but the Truth is — In Christ I am an overcomer, not a quitter.

In my next post I’ll share with you more specifically how I was able to keep going and not give up, and I’ll share how you can keep going too!


How about for you, friend? When was the last time you wanted to quit, and what helped you keep going? How did you overcome your current challenges? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Have a wonderful, joy-filled week!

Sweet blessings,
 Cindy sig-01



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