Hey Friends –

When was the last time you felt absolutely terrified?

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend three days at Camp Michawana this past weekend. I was thrilled to bring my Red Hot Faith message to these beautiful women.

A few days before I arrived, I had the crazy idea to consider riding the zip line while I was there.

Why is that crazy, you may wonder?

I don’t like heights. I don’t like harnesses. I don’t like hanging from ropes. I don’t like being out of control.

For some insane reason I decided to put my random “never really gonna happen” thought of going down the zip line on Facebook.

What was I thinking?

I soon had a huge group of encouragers from all around the nation cheering me on to “Do it! Do it!”

Once I arrived at the Camp, I realized the error of my ways. There was no stinking way I was hanging on some man made rope from way up high above the trees and water.

Nope. Not me. No way.

As the zip line time drew closer, my kids got involved. When I told them I was reconsidering, they started chiming in with their encouragement too. 

How was I going to get out of this mess?

I finally prayed, “OK God, if I’m supposed to do this, will you please send someone to help me?” (Or send someone to get me out of this mess!)

Right after I prayed, a dear woman named Julie saw me standing by the harnesses. She asked if I was going with someone. I shook my head no. She said, “Oh Cindy, I’d be happy to go with you and be your partner.”

Now how was I going to get out of this mess?

We slowly walked up the huge hill as we devised a zip-lining plan. I knew myself well enough to know that if I told her I would go, I would go. I asked her to count, “3-2-1 – Go” & then I’d do it.  Promise.

As I was getting hooked up to the itty bitty rope, the beautiful staff member said, “Wow! This is a pretty red hot adventure, Cindy!”

In my mind I’m thinking, “Maybe I don’t want to be red hot at this moment! I want to be comfortable and in control!”

The staff member finished hooking me up, secured my partner Julie on the rope next to me, opened up the gate, and I firmly closed my eyes. Tight.

Julie began the counting, “3 – 2 -1….”

I took a deep breath, and with my eyes still squeezed tightly shut, I took a big brave step, and then…Victory!

 What did I learn from this crazy adventure?

1. Sometimes we need to just “do it afraid.”

The truth is I’m terrified of heights, and nothing is going to change that.  What I learned from ziplining is sometimes we do need to shut our eyes tightly, face our fears head on, and just take that step of faith. Literally.

2. We need others on our faith journey.

There is no way I would have gone on the zipline without the encouragement of others. God used every voice along the way to help me with my fears.

  • My FB friends from near and far.
  • The sweet women at Camp Michawana who cheered me on and told me how much fun it was, and what I could expect.
  • My kids rooting for me from home.
  • And then dear sweet Julie Wendt who was willing to walk up the hill, listen to all my crazy talk, switch ropes when I was sure my rope was the highest (and I needed the lowest!), and then document my ride in pictures the whole way down!

I wonder in what area of your life is God asking YOU to take a step of faith?

Stepping out in ministry? Sharing your faith with a co-worker or neighbor? Making new changes in your daily schedule?

May I encourage you to find a friend (or two or fifty) and share your “crazy ideas” with them? Be brave and ask them to join you on this scary part of your journey.

And then hang on tight, take a deep breath, and step out in faith. There’s nothing like the amazing thrill of victory. 🙂

How can we encourage YOU today?

Where you do sense God is calling you to step out in faith?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts here on *She Sparkles* so I can be rooting for you!

Thanks for stopping by, my sweet friend! God’s richest blessings to you!



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