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Hey Friends –

I was recently walking with a friend and she said, “Cindy, what 3 things are on your mind today?”

Isn’t that an awesome question?

It made me stop in my tracks and really think.

Here’s what’s on my mind (not in any particular order) —

1. Ministry

standale baptist group

Standale Baptist Kick-off

Can you believe Red Hot Faith is finally released? Yay, God!

I’ve had the best time traveling to different churches and home groups — meeting so many beautiful women and encouraging them on their faith journey.

I’ve also loved making personalized videos welcoming different groups both near and far. (In fact, if you’re hosting RHF this season, send my assistant a quick note to cindy@cindybultema.com, and I’d love to make a quick “shout out” video to you too!)

The good news: Red Hot Faith is already on its second print. Woo Hoo!

I love how God is answering my mentor Mary’s prayer to “raise up a generation of women who are red-hot for Him!”

I’d love to meet you this fall, friend! Here is a list where I will be speaking  – Cindy’s Speaking Schedule


2. Home Remodel

Do you remember the house flood my family endured last winter?

Thankfully, the ice jam + 70’s kitchen + broken refrigerator + moldy floor = new kitchen for us. Yippee!

We also decided to flip some rooms (our dining room became our living room, and vice versa) — so needless to say, since last May we’ve been in the midst of a crazy home project.

And after 6+ weeks of no kitchen, we finally are back in operation! Watch for a full “reveal” coming soon — but for those who have been wondering, here are some photo updates for you.



After Habitat for Humanity came.

After Habitat for Humanity came.


Updated kitchen - not quite finished yet

Updated kitchen – not quite finished yet


New dining room/old living room

New dining room/old living room

3. Family and Marriage

Mystery Day 2014

Mystery Day 2014

This school year I have a 5th grader, 6th grader, 7th grader & a Junior in college. Wow!

Although the transition for my eldest son Jake to leave for college was extremely hard (Jake is living off campus again this year) – I’m transitioning ok these days.

I haven’t melted down on my bathroom floor yet this fall. Whew!

Me & my man

Me & my man

Lastly, I’m so in love with my man I can barely stand it!

If you’re in a hard place in your marriage (like we have been – recap here) — please keep praying and don’t give up.

God is a Master Restorer and Rebuilder!

Keep praying, surround yourself with Godly women to encourage you, and get sound Biblical counsel (if needed). Your marriage is so worth it!

If God can do it for us, He can do it for you!

Well that’s “what’s up” in my neck of the world. How ’bout you? What 3 things are on your mind today? 

I would love to hear your favorite highlight this Fall so far! Fill me in please. 🙂

Have a super, joy-filled rest of your week! I thank God for you, my dear bloggy friend!!

Sweet blessings



P.S. Next week my publisher is hosting a Twitter party for Red Hot Faith. Wanna come? Pretty please?! 🙂redhotfaith-800a


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