Faithlife Women in Leadership Summer 2014

Faithlife Women in Leadership Summer 2014

Hey Friends—

So last Summer Faithlife brought together what they called “some of the most influential women in ministry” for a summit in Dallas, Texas.

Y’all I was invited.

I know—I was as surprised as you are!

The gathering in Dallas was an amazing time of sharing testimonies, connecting with other ministry leaders, and learning from on another.

dinner at Logos

Yes, the picture above is me having dinner between Liz Curtis Higgs and Carol Kent, with other gifted communicators like Patsy Clairmont, Pam Farrel, Sue Heimer, Jennifer Strickland, Kim deBlecourt, & more. #onlyGod

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur & Me

They also brought in a team of people to give us all pedicures. Ah-mazing.

The Faithlife team decided while they couldn’t reach every single woman in ministry for the summit, they could help encourage and impact women ministry leaders in other ways. They asked us to collaborate on a book called What I Wish I’d Known—and you can now get it for free!

This new book features insight from Kay Arthur, Carol Kent, Kasey Van Norman, Liz Curtis Higgs, and others…like me!  (See the full author list & their bios here)

faithlife contributors

What I Wish I'd Known CoverEach author contributed one chapter that reflects on their years in ministry and offers practical advice for living out the gospel.

Faithlife shares, “This book offers a compilation of the most powerful and applicable insights that these incredible ladies have to offer. Explore Pam Farrel’s advice on following God’s compass, Elyse Fitzpatrick’s journey to get to the heart of God’s message, and Liz Curtis Higgs’ advice on taking criticism.”

And guess what?!

You can get What I Wish I’d Known: Insight from Leading Women in Ministry for free! Woo Hoo!

Get all the details and sign-up to download the free HERE!

How about for you, friend? Are you currently serving in ministry? Have you learned any lessons the hard way? What do you wish you would have known? Share with us please!

Thanks for stopping by my blog *She Sparkles*!

Have an amazing, joy-filled day!

Sweet blessings,

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