Hey Friends! I’m hanging out with Carol Kent and friends this week at Zondervan’s taping of a new DVD series “Between A Rock and A Grace Place” based on Carol Kent’s amazing book by the same title.

(Picture above with Carol is from earlier today, and below (l to r) Robin from Zondervan, Carol’s sister Bonnie, Jan, me, & Suzanne from Sunshine Church)

In preparation to be a studio audience member, I was asked to bring a number of different outfits to change into (so it appears we are joining Carol for Bible study on different weeks).

As I was rummaging through my closet looking for what to wear, I was reminded of my former blog post on our “thought closets”. It made me stop and ponder on what I was REALLY preparing to wear…..
Enjoy this mid-week repeat!

What thoughts have been rolling around in your mind these days??

A Bible study that I’m working through by Jennifer Rothschild (Me, Myself, and Lies – it’s awesome!) encourages us to think of our thought life like a closet. And our thought closet is designed to host the mind of Christ. We cannot allow it to become cluttered with wrong thoughts or words or ill-fitting labels.

What’s hanging in your closet??

For many years, my closet was filled with rags and hand-me-downs labeled “Not good enough”, “Unloved”, “Rejected”.

And then I met Jesus. (Can I get a “Woo Hoo”?!)

Jesus ripped down the old rags (that were never meant for me to wear), and exchanged them for beautiful, glorious garments perfectly designed and hand-crafted just for me.

“Loved”, “Beautiful in His Sight”, “More than enough”, “Redeemed” now hung in my new and improved thought closet.

However, unfortunately, every once in awhile, I pick up an old rag and bring it in. I walk past a magazine with a mom of 8 kids in a bikini on the cover (although she had a tummy tuck!) and add “fat girl” and “unlovely” to my closet.

I flip through Pottery Barn catalogs, and suddenly “not good enough” becomes wrapped tightly around my waist.

When did we start allowing the world’s standards to define who we are??

If I’m going to be the victorious, powerful, fruit-bearing woman God has called me to be ~
I must not allow that old rag to hang in my closet for even a moment.

One smelly lie can start stinkin’ up my whole thought closet. It must be removed. Confessed. And replaced with God’s Truth. Immediately.

So for today, I choose to fill my thought closet only with Truth.

I will meditate on Colossians 3:12 and clothe myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

I will live on guard to the enemy and his schemes.

I will ask God to help me keep my thought closet clean and orderly and pleasing to Him.

How about for you?? Are there any old “rags” hanging around that need to be tossed out? Is it time for a new garment….or maybe a whole new wardrobe? What’s in your thought closet these days??

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have an amazing, liberating, Truth-filled day!

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