Recently I had the opportunity to attend Carol Kent’s Speak Up with Confidence ~ an awesome seminar for anyone wanting to grow in their speaking and writing skills.

I’ve attended Speak Up in the past, but this summer, I was knee deep in writing a book proposal (which is a HUGE task, by the way)! I decided being surrounded by gifted speakers and writers would be a good idea (and hopefully give me the determination to keep plugging away on my proposal).

Imagine my delight when a dear woman (I now know is named Sharla) sat down next to me on Friday morning. Our conversation went something like this….

Sharla: So what brings you to Speak Up?

Me: Well, I’m working on this book proposal, but I’m just struggling with it, it’s so hard, I’m not sure what to do, I don’t even have a book title… (or something whiney like that…)

Sharla: Oh, really. Maybe I could help you, Cindy. I just worked on a book proposal, so I’ve done it before and (kind of under her breath) ~ my book just came out this week.

Me: What?? (almost jumping out of my seat) You just published a book? Aren’t you so excited?? WOW!! Do you have it with you??

Sharla: Oh yeah, they arrived this week just as I was leaving home in the Chicago area. (And she gently pulls this beautiful book out of her bag...)

Sharla became my new best friend at Speak Up. Over the next few days, we were inseparable. Not just because she wrote an amazing book…but because Sharla is so very sweet, humble, kind, helpful, encouraging, and the first day we were even dressed alike! 🙂

(To give you an example of how amazing she is ~ one morning Sharla shared she couldn’t sleep the night before, so she was up in the night thinking and praying for book titles for me. What a blessing!)

Here I am with Sharla on our last day at Speak Up ~

Sharla graciously sent me a copy of Divine Design to look through and give away. Here’s a brief intro from the back of the book….

Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover will lead you through a different kind of transformation: an alteration of attitude. Your journey through these pages will, by God’s grace, enable you to experience a spiritual makeover that will transform your heart…For individuals and small groups, this 8 week Bible study contains true stories and encouragement that will change you, transform you, and make you new!

I have to tell you ~ Divine Design is incredible! I am blown away by Sharla’s writing skill, Bible knowledge, insight, practical application, and wisdom. If you are looking for a personal Bible study (or one for your small group) ~ you’ll want to check out Divine Design!

You’ll enjoy chapters like…

Week 1: What to Wear – Wardrobe Woes

Week 2: Controlling Behavior – Hang Up the Field Marshal Uniform

Week 3: Worry – Let’s Bag This Accessory!

Week 4: Pride – Purge the Prom Dress!

Week 6: Selfishness: Boot out the Boots

Week 8: Look in the Mirror: A New You!

I am pleased to share Divine Design by Sharla Fritz with one blessed *She Sparkles* friend! I must confess, I’m keeping the one Sharla sent me (I couldn’t resist! It’s that good!) ~ but I’ll buy a new one from Amazon to giveaway!

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Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!! Have an amazing day filled with much joy, life, and laughter!! I thank God for you!!

P.S. Note to my dear friend Sharla: Can I just tell you…job well done! I can’t believe this is your first Bible study! God has given you a gift, friend! When will Study #2 be released??

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