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What a sad, tragic day in my city yesterday!

You may have heard in Grand Rapids about the shootings, car chases, hostages, and eventual suicide of the perpetrator late last night (now being called “The Grand Rapids Massacre“.

My husband John and I were one of 14,000+ tuned in to police scanners (and Twitter) to follow the events first hand. Please be in prayer for the victims, families, police, and overall sense of security & safety of our great town.

Dramatic pictures from the Grand Rapids tragedy here

On a more personal note…many of you know my son Jake’s love for hockey (and my passion for being a “hockey mom“).

Jake’s first word was “hockey” (I’m not kidding), and since that time his days have been filled with games, practices, traveling, and lots of time at the rink!

Last week we received the incredible news that Jake’s hard work, commitment and skill payed off!!! He made a AAA travel Midget Majors team. It would be a wonderful, great step towards his dreams of playing college hockey. Woo Hoo!

HOWEVER….this team is quite expensive (a lot of money!). They travel nationwide (i.e. Texas, Canada, etc..). The rink is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan (1 hour away), and Jake would be gone every weekend, including Sunday (no church). Ugh.

Jake had a week to process it, weigh the decision, think things through before he needed to sign a contract. We tried to remind him of missing out on fun senior stuff, etc… Jake had his mind on one thing ~ his dream.

Our family prayed. We sought Godly counsel. We prayed more. We tried to think about the BEST, most Godly decision (this helped). Jake sought his hockey mentor. John and I talked about this decision for days!

Finally yesterday, (the day he had to sign the contract) I went to Jake and told him I couldn’t sign the parent part of the contract. I gently shared my reasonings, and reminded him of my love and commitment to him and our family.
Jake said he felt like “he was watching his dreams get crushed right before him”.
It was a hard parenting day (one of my hardest in almost 17 years!), and definitely a day when being a mom is not fun. Ugh.

Have you ever had to share a hard “no” with someone when saying “yes” would have been much easier (and the more popular choice)? Any words of wisdom for me? Please??
Lastly, one a more positive note, our family has been putting our new coping strategies to use! I’m grateful to hear from your comments it’s helped you too!

Our good friend Nick (and graphic designer extraordinaire) made a copy for us grown ups to have too, and it looks awesome! I have Nick’s permission to share it with you! If you’d like a copy of our 9 Coping Strategies just leave me your email address and I’ll send a pdf file right over to you! (It’s beautiful ~ suitable for framing).

Whew! What a looong week! I’m ready for some “R & R” this weekend! How ’bout you???

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! I thank God for you!

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