Hey Friends!

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!! What are you thankful for today??

My list is long….faith, family, great friends, new school year, John’s job, football season, and so much more! However, after a month like we’ve had with the neighborhood fires (recap here), I have to be honest ~ today I’m thanking God big-time for His protection and safety! Knowing that He is in control is what helps me sleep at night!

Also, you wouldn’t believe what happened yesterday! I was in the house playing Trouble with my little Sarah. Benj and a friend were in our front yard playing football, and my other daughter had a friend over too. I was just minding my own business, having fun , when I noticed my neighbor was being interviewed by a reporter. I thought to myself, “Whew. I’m so glad that’s not me.”

(In case you didn’t know, I loathe being videotaped. Watching myself on video after a speaking engagement brings out every insecurity in me. Thus the reason I was thrilled my neighbor was in front of the microphone and not me.)

However, the next thing I know, I see the reporter asking Benj if he could go inside and grab his mom. I thought, “Oh no. Please no.” I was still in my smelly work-out shirt, no make-up, crazy curly wind blown hair, and still had absolutely NO DESIRE to be on TV.

What would you do??

I went outside, as requested, and the news reporter woman asked if she could ask me a few questions regarding the recent fires, as well as if I had a phone number for our community watch person. I said, “Let me grab that phone number for you.”

I came in the house and started praying, “Oh Lord, I don’t want to be on TV!! But, what do YOU want?? Look at me, Lord, I’m not dressed or ready ~ BUT….if it will bring YOU glory, I’ll do it. Your will, Lord, not mine.”

I put on some lip gloss, grabbed a sweatshirt (to cover up my workout shirt), headed outside with the phone number needed and a willing spirit to be used however. I answered the questions, and then spent the rest of the night PRAYING LIKE CRAZY that the interview would bring glory to God, and that if it was also accidentally destroyed in the editing room, that would be ok too. 🙂

OK True confession ~ after praying it would bring God glory, I also prayed that no one would see it if I looked fat (until my good friend reminded me I wasn’t allowed to talk like that since I’ve declared my life is a Fat Talk Free Zone~ Thanks, Amy, I needed that reminder!)

Anyway, I peeked on the News 8 website shortly before the 11:00 PM news to see if there was a video clip. Although the video segment wasn’t ready, there was a written copy of our time together. The title of the article ~ “One family refuses to live in fear“.

And this quote from the article made me cry… “We talk about it openly,” (Cindy) Bultema said. “We talk about where our hope and our trust is, and that we don’t have to be afraid.”

Thank You, Lord!! How I wish the article would have finished that sentence (as I shared our hope and faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ), but praise the Lord for even that sentence. It is true ~ in the midst of this craziness with a “serial arsonist” in our neighborhood ~ our hope and trust is in the Lord, and we do not have to be afraid…..and I’m so thankful for that promise today!! 🙂

You can watch the video clip here.

So there’s a little recap of what’s going on in my world today. How about for you?? Has God ever asked you to step out of your comfort zone?? How did you respond?? And what are YOU thankful for today?? I’d love to hear from you!!!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Blessings to you, dear bloggy friend!!

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