Hey Friends!

I am intentionally choosing “gratitude” today.

I’m utterly exhausted and my week has been filled with way too much to do (my fault for overcommitting), suitcases still on the kitchen floor, piles of school notes and messages to respond to, and good grief, I’m gonna need to feed everyone again tonight. And go buy more fish food (my dog has eaten 10 jars of it now). Ugh. What a week!

But I have a choice….and I choose to thank Him! 🙂

I’ve been sitting on the couch, thinking of all I need to do, but instead naming my blessings one by one. So many. no doubt about it ~ even in the midst of our challenges ~ I am blessed.

Here’s my Top 5 List for Thankful Thursday –

1. Trip to Chattanooga, TN  last weekend~

Thank you for praying for my trip to Terra Vista Baptist Church! Boy did I love every minute with this amazing, warm, hospitable, prayerful church! Wow!

Fran, Christy, Cindy, & Beth

Another highlight was when the whole church laid hands on me and prayed for me before I headed home to Michigan. Powerful! 

The church videotaped my messages. You can watch my teachings here and here. 🙂

2. Maha’s visit

Year ago, I met my dear friend Maha. Although she lives in Egypt (and I’m in Grand Rapids) – we immediately connected and God has grown our friendship in such beautiful ways over the years.

I’m so thankful to Maha (and her family) for her willingness to come and spend time with our family! She spent her week doing what I do (hot lunch, gymnastics, hockey games, serving at school, sprinkled with trips to Target & Starbucks). What a blessing to spend time with her!

Julie, Maha, Me

3. Red Hot Faith ~

It’s coming, friends, it’s coming!

I’ve been watching “offline” video from the teachings I filmed in Turkey. Wow! I can’t believe what God has done, and what He is continuing to do. I’m knee deep in editing the Red Hot Faith study guide this week. Will you join me in praying for God’s wisdom and help? 

Don’t forget – we’d love to have you join the Red Hot Faith launch team!

4. God’s Grace

Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of who I was before Christ. I am so grateful to God for redeeming my life from the pit and giving me a firm place to stand and the new song He has given me!

Only God could take a lonely, broken, single mom and not only rescue, deliver, and save me – but give me a clean heart and a brand new reputation. Only God!

5. My Family ~ John, Jake, Benj, Manda & Sarah

Love them. What would I do without my gang?! 🙂 Boy do they fill my life with JOY! 🙂

Whew!! So there’s my Thankful Thursday Top 5 list!

After naming my gratitude list, I’m feeling better already! Isn’t gratitude a beautiful thing?! 🙂

I am also thankful for my friends (near and far) for all of their help this week. I wouldn’t have made it without the texts, phone calls, prayer support, FB messages, 3 hour lunch dates (Julie!), and notes of encouragement ! Thank you so very much!! I’m so glad God doesn’t intend for us to journey alone!

What about for you?? On this Thankful Thursday, what are you thankful for today?? I’d love to hear from you!!

Many blessings to you!

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