speak upHey Friends!

When was the last time you attended a life changing conference?

I spent the last week of June at Carol Kent’s Speak Up Conference and it was incredible! I’ve shared many times before how God has used this powerful conference to significantly teach and encourage me over the past seven years, and this year did not disappoint. 🙂

Once again, my heart is so FULL! My mouth is actually still sore from smiling so much!. It was such an amazing, anointed, God inspired week! Yippee!

If I had to sum up my time at Speak Up with 3 quick, personal highlights, they would include…


Speak Up friends lunch

1. Meeting so many wonderful women and hearing their personal stories.

I met tons of women with such beautiful hearts for God, and such a sacrificial desire to serve Him with excellence. I wish I could have enjoyed a cup of coffee with every single one of them!

Cindy & Donna

Cindy & Donna


I loved every moment of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, hearing amazing God stories, and cheering another women on their personal faith journey.

Woo Hoo!





Cindy & Carol

Cindy & Carol

2. Teaching my Red Hot Faith message and 3 different workshops. 

I was super humbled (and scared to death) when Carol asked me to start the conference teaching Red Hot Faith.

Can you imagine?

I have long looked up to Carol and her team, and desired to put into practice the many skills and techniques they’ve taught me over the years.

Owly Images

I’m even smiling – although I’m clearly petrified! 🙂

Thankfully I made it through (Yay God! Yay praying friends!) & was extremely blessed by the positive feedback.

I tell you, is there anything better as a teacher than when someone sends you a note with your completed handout and says, “Look what I’m teaching my Sunday School class this week.”

Speak Up friends remember: Let’s Be Hot! Be Cold! Be Something!

3.  My Roommates

Speak Up Roomies

Speak Up Roomies

Another huge highlight included having three very dear friends (Jen Ferguson, JJ Landis, & Julie Sanders) fly in to attend Speak Up and stay at my home, otherwise known as the Bultema B & B.

Although our time went WAY too fast, it was a huge JOY to start each morning praying with them, and end every night reflecting on the day’s bright spots.

I also loved having the JOY of teaching them first hand how to correctly use a confetti wand.

Here’s video proof (be sure to unmute the video in the upper left corner for full effect) –

See why they are the best roommates ever?  
Speaking of confetti wands, I may or may not have also demonstrated the use of a confetti wand in one of my workshops.  
Someone said to me later, “What were you guys doing in your workshop? I was in the classroom next door and it sounded like you were having a party!”   
My response, “Who me?!”  (wink.wink.)   F
or more pictures of the amazing conference, check out my Facebook ministry page here. 🙂  
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Mark your calendars! Next year’s Speak Up Conference dates are June 26 – 29, 2014. I’d love to see you there!  
Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Have a joy-filled, day!!  
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