I received the following note from a dear bloggy friend today….

Hey Cindy,
How did your speaking engagement go last Tuesday? I was praying off the snow like crazy!
Love, Your Friend R.E.

You may remember what she is referring to…I had asked for prayer for a speaking opportunity at Rush Creek Church last week called “Dreams and Detours“. We were expected to receive 10-30 inches (yes, 10-30 inches!) ~ so it was questionable whether the Christmas Event would even take place.

I must share a HUGE note of thanks for praying us through! The snow started to come that evening, but, thankfully, not as quickly as expected. The Christmas event did take place…and it was AMAZING!

(Isn’t it gorgeous?? I thought of you all and wanted to show you how beautiful it was! I wish you could have been there with me!!) 🙂
I cannot describe the peace and God-confidence that I experienced as I was at the platform. It was awesome! After my time of sharing, a woman in her late 50’s came forward covered in tears. She said that “my story” was “her story”. Through her tears, she shared with me her journey of addiction and how a few years ago she came back to the church, and most importantly, to Jesus. Her husband just accepted Jesus in March. She also shared with me the guilt she was still carrying, and I was able to remind her afresh that she didn’t need to carry that backpack of guilt and shame any more. She is forgiven!

God handpicked her to be there that evening, of this I am sure!

God is so faithful and good, isn’t He??

Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement! I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that prayer is the work! I love the quote by Watchman Nee ~

“Our prayers lay the track down on which God’s power can come.
Like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible,
but it cannot reach us without rails.”

Isn’t that an awesome visual?! I love thinking of a huge, mighty locomotive filled to overflowing with God’s power and blessing…and how my part is to pray and “lay down the tracks“.

I’ll often picture this mighty locomotive in my mind as I pray for my husband…”laying down the tracks” as God’s power is unleashed in John’s life as he heads off to work.

Or “laying down the tracks” for my children…asking God to come “roaring through” with His protection and goodness and grace in their lives.

You get the drift…. 🙂

And it breaks my heart to think of a Powerful Steam Engine, filled with divine blessings and miracles, waiting patiently in the station, desiring to have rails on which to run.

Let’s pray down some tracks and watch God’s irresistible power and might blow us away!!! Woo Hoo!! 🙂

And Thank You, dear bloggy friends, for “laying down the tracks” for me. Over the past few weeks, you have blessed me beyond words with your prayers, notes of care and concern, and encouragement. I am humbled and grateful.

What about for you….is there a way that I can pray for you this holiday season??

Can I help lay down some tracks on your behalf??

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Sweet blessings to you!

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