imagesLLFF8GKQHey Friend —

Who do you know who has been ensnared by the allure of addiction?

I’ve been recently reflecting on my personal journey from struggling with an intense drug and alcohol addiction – and nearly losing my life – to a place of great freedom, peace, and joy. (My story recap here)

To be honest, my drug and alcohol addiction is not a subject I enjoy discussing.

Can you blame me?

Who wants to admit vomiting in their mom’s sink?

Or overdosing on cocaine as a young single mom?

The older I become (and as my kids age) — the more the enemy would love to heap shame and guilt on my already fragile soul.

The good news: my poor choices don’t have to define me, but instead God can use them to refine me, making me strong, useful, and effective for Him. (And the same is true for you too, friend!)

I’ve promised God I’ll share the truth of my journey anytime and in anyway He wanted me to. Recently I’ve been asked over and over two important questions:

1. Did you go to rehab, Cindy? How did you get clean?  2. Did you ever use drugs or alcohol again?

I sense it’s time to share with you. my dear bloggy friend, the whole story.

For today , let’s start with question #1.

Did you go to rehab, Cindy? How did you get clean?

In 1996, in the midst of my mess, I tried many times to stop the drugs and alcohol use on my own. I knew I desperately needed help, and I quickly learned willpower alone is not enough to overcome the allure of addiction.

My accidental cocaine overdose became my “bottom.”

Out of desperation and a determination to survive, I asked a friend’s mom for help.  This dear woman shared with me four words – simple words, but words that have changed my life –

“Cindy, you need Jesus.”

And on that day, July 26, 1996, freshly discharged from the hospital after my overdose, I cried out to Jesus and asked Him to enter into my addiction and help me.

Willpower alone is not enough to overcome the allure of addiction – but Jesus is.

Jesus alone can rescue, redeem, save, deliver, restore, and open up those prison gates and set any captive free.

There is no one too far gone from His redemptive reach. No one.

Now I wish I could share it’s been an easy, carefree journey of sobriety and freedom.

Not so much.

Although Jesus delivered me from my pit of despair and destruction, I’ve also had to do my part, including:

• Pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Surrendering every area of my life to Christ, and inviting Him to be the Lord of my life.

• Renewing my mind with the Truth of God’s Word. My life has been transformed because my mind has been transformed, and that’s come by meditating on and memorizing God’s Word.

• Leaving behind the “old” life, involving: quitting my job, letting go of any alcohol/drug related friendships, and avoiding any environments where temptations would be high.

• Stopping secrets and lies, and exposing all areas of my life to His Light.

• Getting to the “root” of the problem. What was I trying to numb? Why? Through Godly counselors, we were able to identify the true source of my pain, allowing inner healing to come.

• Asking for accountability. For many months I met daily with a recovered drug user. The times I didn’t want to meet, she’d find me and make me stay longer. Day-to-day accountability and support made a huge difference in my journey to freedom.

• Starting new healthy habits. As I left behind the “old,” I needed to replace my behaviors with healthy, life-giving choices. I began reading the Bible daily, attending church and a weekly Bible study, making new friends, finding new ways to have fun.

• Praying! I asked God daily to protect me from temptation, replace my destructive cravings with His satisfaction and peace, to surround me with women to build me up and encourage me, and to fill my heart and mind with His Truth.

The good news? This year I celebrated 18 years of sobriety. Yay, God!

Please know I’m not a trained therapist, addiction expert or licensed counselor — just an ordinary girl transformed by an extraordinary God.

There isn’t one single day I don’t invite Jesus to be Lord and do His powerful work in my life. I’m desperate for Him! But I show up to do my part as well. Life’s worth it. Jesus is worth it!

How about you, friend?

Who do you know who has been ensnared by the allure of addiction?

How has addiction impacted your life?

If you’ve been searching for something to fill the emptiness and find yourself ensnared by the lure of addiction, please remember, willpower alone is not enough to set you free.

Sweet friend, you need Jesus. Please don’t wait another day.

P.S. In my next post I’ll address questions #2 — did I ever use drugs or alcohol again? The answer may surprise you!

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