Shhh! Don’t tell John, but…I just confirmed a babysitter for Friday night. Woo Hoo!!

We haven’t been on a date night for awhile (we’ve had nights out together….but mostly we just go to a bookstore, veg out, read mindnumbing magazines and enjoy the quiet). It’s time for some fun!!

John has been working so hard ~ at work, at home with our 4 kids, supporting me with ministry opportunities, helping our family adjust to a summer routine, and so much more! I want to surprise John on Friday night and treat him to a “Fabulous Friday”!! He deserves it!!

I am so grateful to God for my marriage to John! Don’t get me wrong, John and I have definitely had our challenges over the past 9 years (especially having 3 babies in 4 years – whew!). After a lot of prayer, hard work, counseling, and more prayer ~ God has really brought us into a special season in our relationship. I am learning a ton (especially that I need to be intentional about investing in my marriage), and am trying to grow more and more into the wife God intends for me to be.

Which leads me back to Friday. Anyone have some fun, inexpensive ideas to create a great date night?? Would you mind sharing your ideas – please?!!

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