TopSecretHey Friends –

It all started with a secret.

In September 2010 I apprehensively admitted to you — my sweet blog friends — my top-secret, confidential news — I was going to try and write a Bible study. (Recap here)

Now you should know, I didn’t ever think the study would be published.  Never. Ever.

Mostly I thought — best case scenario — maybe one day I could Xerox the worksheets for my beloved Monday Night Bible Study.

Thankfully my friends and prayer partners had more faith than I did.

April's Faith-filled Care Package

April’s Faith-filled Care Package

When my amazing friend April sent me this faith-filled care package, although I loved my new supplies, her handwritten letter (see it in the top right corner of the picture?) made me giggle out loud.  April wrote…

Blessings to you Bible study writer! …One day soon there will be a group of women starting a Bible study that you have written…”

I neatly filed April’s letter away, along with the belief that God could use me — former drug and alcohol addict and rebellious girl me — to participate in such a divine, transformational work.

 Oh me of little faith.

I forgot God can do whatever He wants, through whomever He desires, to accomplish His Kingdom purposes.

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed my secret.

Praying Down the Tracks

Praying Down the Tracks

Yes, God in His infinite grace and mercy surrounded me with wise individuals, an awesome publisher, a brilliant editor, a gifted film crew, personal cheerleaders to encourage me when I wanted to give up, and a boatload of praying friends who literally prayed down the tracks for my pie-in-the-sky dream to become a reality.

As my mentor Mary now says,

Cindy, our faith has become sight.”

RHF Bonus Pack

Red Hot Faith DVD Study

So imagine my great delight to spend Tuesday evening with my first, real, live, hold the published Bible study in their hands, sit on couches in a living room — Red Hot Faith group.

Only God, friends. Only God.

As I shared my personal testimony with these lovely ladies, and then later chatted and laughed over chips & salsa  — I couldn’t help but think of my hush-hush secret shared nearly four years ago, and the fresh reminder that God can do anything.

There is nothing too hard for Him, friends. Nothing.

Official Red Hot Faith Group # 1

Official Red Hot Faith Group # 1

Many years ago, I sat on a therapist’s couch and confessed the ins and outs of my cocaine and alcohol addiction.

I’ll never forget when she asked me the question, “Dream, Cindy…when you look down the path of the future, what do you see?”

You’ve gotta know NEVER EVER EVER would I have guessed my future would include the amazing gift of sharing hope and Truth with beautiful women, getting the chance to hug and encourage them, and the awesome, powerful privilege of praying with them too.

Lord, it’s too much. I’m floored by Your grace.

But then I remember this is not about me. Not one stinkin’ bit. 

God can and will do whatever He wants, through whomever He desires, to accomplish His Kingdom purposes.

Sweet friend, what’s YOUR secret? 

When you look down the path of the future with eyes filled with faith, what do you hope for? What do you see?

May I encourage you to share your secret with a few trusted, faith-filled friends and start praying down those tracks!

“Our prayers lay the track down on which God’s power can come. Like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails.” – Watchman Nee

You never know what surprises are waiting for you as soon as you start praying down those rails and get out of His way!

I’d love to be one of your praying friends.  If you feel comfortable sharing your secret with me, I’d be humbled to pray with you too!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Sweet blessings to you!



P.S. I’ll be helping kick-off a number of Red Hot Faith groups in the West Michigan area this summer! I’d love for you to come by and say hello.  Please check my schedule here. I’d love to see you, friend!

Summer Special RHF





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