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Hey Friends ~

I am so excited to tell you more about the *She Sparkles* Scripture Memory A to Z 2012 plan!

In 2009 a group of us all across the US accepted the challenge to memorize 26 new verses, ABC style. It was so much fun! In 2012 we’ll do it again ~ this time with new verses, plus prizes and incentives too. Woo Hoo!

Here’s some details….

* The first verse (starting with the letter A) will be posted this Sunday, January 1.

* After the first verse, new verses will be posted every other week on Monday (i.e. Monday, January 16th will be the B verse). The last verse (Z) will be posted on Monday, December 17th.

(For the weeks I’m out of town or just crazy busy, I’ll post ahead, promise. Lord willing, there will always be a new verse posted on time.)

Let’s do this together

* Every week that a new verse is posted, you are invited to “check in” by leaving a comment (or sending me an e-mail if you are unable to leave a comment).

* There will be a giveaway EVERY TIME a new verse is posted (Starbucks e-cards, CD’s, books, versepacks, and more!) Yippee!

* We’re going to get this party , I mean, “A to Z Memory Verse Challenge” started in a GREAT way. I have 25 GIFTS, yes 25, to giveaway on January 1st.

***Also, any blogger who shares this challenge on her blog will also receive a free gift.***

* Feel free to use the *She Sparkles* A to Z blog button (in my side bar). 🙂

Wait until you meet one of my sponsors for this A to Z challenge. I’ll introduce her on Sunday. She’s extending such generosity and is willing to giveaway these great first gifts. What a huge blessing!)

About the Verses….

* I’ve prayerfully tried to select verses that are “kid friendly”. Our family will be doing this challenge together (yes, all of us!) – I hope yours will too!

* If you participated in our A to Z plan in 2009, please know the verses are different this year.

Grand Prize….

At the finish line in December, there will be FUN, EXCITING prizes to giveaway for individuals and families. Yippee!

Whew! What a lot of details! What am I forgetting?? Please feel free to e-mail me any comments, questions, or thoughts. My hope is that the A to Z Memory Verse Challenge will be fun, inspiring, encouraging, power-filled and a huge blessing for all! Time spent memorizing God’s Word is never wasted time!

Lastly, whether you choose to follow the ABC plan or another way, may I encourage you to pick one verse before you close this post that you can commit to memory. (Do you have your verse??) Now grab an index card, write it out, carry it with you wherever you go, and say it aloud often!! Let’s allow God to transform our minds!!

Happy Memorizing!!

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