Bonus Videos

1_INCH_ROUNDDon’t you love hearing stories of how God ignites fresh faith, passion, and purpose in a woman’s life?

Me too!

As you journey through the Red Hot Faith Bible study, be sure to watch these video testimonies of everyday women — like you, like me — who are putting their fired up faith in action. Although the videos may be watched in any order, you’ll note suggestions below of how each personal story corresponds to the lessons of the Red Hot Faith Bible study.

Also, if you are facilitating a Red Hot Faith group, you may want to use the stories during your gathering (if time allows), or send them through email as a midweek pick-me-up.

Permission is granted to use/share the videos in any way that is helpful for you and your group. 

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Week 4 — In Need of Nothing with Jennifer Wynn Stoll

Week 5 — Testing Times with Gwendolyn Strand

Week 6 — White Clothes to Wear with Marilyn Hontz

Week 7 — Receiving Sight with Mary Beth Chapman


Don’t forget you can download FREE Group Discussion Questions here.

You’ll find all the videos and more on Cindy’s Youtube page. Enjoy!

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