Hey Friends!

Happy November to you! I pray this month is filled with much joy, laughter, and fun family times!

I’m including at the end of this post a few quick photo highlights from some of the Bultema Fall Activities. I just love this time of year! You too??

But today I can’t wait to share some RED HOT FAITH updates! It’s so exciting to see what God is doing!

Can I get a Woo Hoo?!

Red Hot Faith filming

In case you are new to *She Sparkles*, here’s some background – In 2010 I started writing a Bible Study called “Red Hot – Lukewarm is NOT the Norm”. MANY bloggy friends and prayers warriors started “praying down the tracks“. In 2011, RBC Ministries offered to publish the teachings & study guide, and the Day of Discovery team flew me to Turkey in March to film the Red Hot Faith teachings in Ancient Laodicea.

Wow and only God is right!!!

I had a meeting with RBC Ministries Marketing Team this past Tuesday, and boy did I leave FIRED UP!

This amazing team is DYNAMIC and FULL OF FANTASTIC IDEAS – and it is so super exciting to be a part of this adventure. Thank You, God!

Here’s what I know so far –

  • Official Title – “Red Hot Faith: Lessons From a Lukewarm Church
  • Release Date – August 2013
  • Format – 8 DVD teachings, plus a Participant Guide (& Leader Guide)

Guess what else?? I’ve seen the official cover!!!  I cannot wait to share it with you! I absolutely LOVE it! As soon as I get the official OK, I will post it for you, promise! 🙂

We are also looking for friends who would like to be a part of this Red Hot Faith adventure!

  • Would you be interested in helping spread the word as it gets closer?
  • Maybe being a part of a blog tour?
  • Launch party?
  • Share your creative ideas??

Please leave a message or PM me.  The team will be in touch as it gets closer. I’d super love your prayers and help!

I’m also prayerfully thinking of ways I can share Behind the Scenes clips, etc.. The RBC team is very excited about this as well – so hopefully soon I’ll have some little video clips, etc.. I can share with you!  (I’m itching to see how the interviews came out with Mary Beth Chapman, Marilyn Hontz, & more!)

Maybe we could have Red Hot Faith Friday’s or something?? What do you think??

I’d also love to share STORIES with you of women, men, and families I know who are putting their Red Hot Faith into action!

Today meet my friends Skye, Jessie & Justyce! They are a perfect example of the lesson, “We are Never Too Young To Help!”

Skye, Jessie, & Justyce

Their mother Julie has discussed with them the painful choice some women make when they are pregnant and scared. Abortion is a difficult concept to grasp, even for adults, but these three sisters expressed deep sadness and concern for mothers who feel lost and confused when faced with a crisis pregnancy.

The girls decided to make a difference. They went door-to-door in their neighborhood collecting pop bottles and donated more than $50 to the prolife movement. ALthough young, they fully realize that the month collected could help a young mother change her mind through educational outreach efforts and community programs sponsored by Grand Rapids Right to Life.

Skye, Jessie, and Justyce are wonderful examples of how important it is to do small things in an effort to make this world a better place.”    – RTL of West MI

Woo Hoo! I love it! Thank you Skye, Jessie, and Justyce ( and Julie & Russ) for modeling how to put our Red Hot Faith in action! 🙂

How about you friends? I’d love to hear your stories! Who do you know who models Red Hot Faith? Share with us please!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! May God fill your day with many opportunities to put your FAITH in action!

Sweet blessings –



P.S. Here are a few brief Fall photo highlights from the Bultema family…

Benj aka the Green Morph

John’s pumpkin. I never had someone make a pumpkin for me before! (Can you see what it says? I love CB) Aww! 🙂

Our college boy Jake

John “Pimp McDaddy” Bultema

Sarah & Manda

Sarah & just plain ole Mom 🙂

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