This week I finally had the chance to put my feet up!

We just came back from an amazing, fun-filled week! For the past few summers, our family has rented the same little yellow cottage right on beautiful Silver Lake. Our time away was packed with daily boat rides, wiffle ball on the sandy beach, yummy vacation food, amazing sunsets, tons of swimming, and lots of reading and relaxation! Woo Hoo! 🙂

When I go on vacation, I like to bring two suitcases ~ one for me, and one for my books! This trip was no exception. My “heavy” suitcase contained my Bible, my Prayer Guide and notebook plus:

* The Five Silent Years of Corrie TenBoom (I finished The Hiding Place by Corrie TenBoom in June, and it was absolutely life changing for me!! Now I want to read everything I can to learn more about this amazing servant of the Lord!)

* Heavenly Man by Brother Yun

* How To Pray by R.A. Torrey

* Secrets of a Prayer Warrior by Derek Prince

* Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed by P. Shirer, B. Moore, and Kay Arthur (our Fall Bible Study ~ I’m so excited!!)

* I Stand at the Door and Knock by Corrie TenBoom and

* Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Talk about my kind of vacation!! I love to read…and this vacation was the first time I’ve been able to tackle my reading list (sure helps to have the kids a bit older, and this year we let everyone bring a friend to the cottage too!).

What about for you?? What book(s) have you been reading this summer? What book (in addition to the Bible) has been impactful for you on your journey?? Do you have a reading recommendation for me to add to my list?? I’d love to hear from you!!

In fact, to encourage your participation, I’m hosting my first GIVEAWAY. The winner will receive a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card. Yippee!!

To Win my Giveaway: Leave a comment in the comment section answering this question:

What book (not including the Bible) has been most impactful for you on your journey and (briefly) why??

RULES: Starts today, Saturday, July 31st and ends Thursday, August 6th at 9 PM. Winner will be contacted via e-mail.

The winner will be chosen by If your email address is not connected to your ID please leave your email address with your comment or email it to me at with the subject “Giveaway”. (If you have a hard time leaving a comment, e-mail me and I’ll walk you through it.)

I can’t wait to hear from you! My mom is watching my kids next weekend (thanks, Mom!) ~ so John and I are headed out for some more relaxing. I’d love to bring some new books along!! 🙂

P.S. Can I just encourage you too…if you haven’t had a chance to “put your feet up” this summer ~ could you schedule some time to do so? Take it from someone who usually likes to go, go, go….it will do your soul well to rest. (Trust me, I am no expert in this area, but I am learning and growing…!)

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