It’s a bit of a “full” week (i.e. CRAZY and CHAOTIC!) here at my home with Monday night Bible Study TONIGHT! (woo hoo!), Speak Up With Confidence Wednesday – Saturday (can’t wait!) ~ plus life with 4 kids (goalie camp, VBS, horse camp, plus the family wants to eat, etc…)

All of that to say ~ I’m borrowing an idea from my Pastor and calling this week “Please Repeat”. Enjoy a week of some of my most requested, previously shared posts!!

First, I should let you know ~ I am not a marriage expert.

I am not a trained therapist or counselor. I’ve not written any profound marriage books. I am just a simple girl, passionately in love with Jesus and my man, trying to figure out how to enjoy marriage and celebrate life together. Thankfully, by God’s grace, we will celebrate 11 years together this August! (Can I get a “woo hoo”?!)

I wish I could tell you it’s been 10 1/2 years of pure bliss ~ but I’d be lying.

I now view my marriage like a roller coaster ~ an adventure filled with its ups (and downs), twists and turns, excitement and fun, and unfortunately, sometimes, hang on tight, “why did I say yes to this thing?!” times as well.

Thankfully, John and I are enjoying a “Wow, this is great fun!” season ~ but that’s not always been the case (more on that subject later …)

For today, I want to share the number one thing I’ve learned to strengthen our marriage over the past almost-decade of marriage ~ the power of prayer!

Years ago, I read Stormie Omartian‘s book the The Power of a Praying Wife. Stormie does an awesome job of reminding us of the power and importance of lifting our husbands in prayer.

After a very difficult season of our marriage in (that we weren’t sure we were going to make it through) ~ I made a promise that I would pray for John and our marriage every single day.

Unfortunately, at first, I struggled with how to make my promise a reality. You know how it goes ~ life gets busy, right? Kids take up our time, energy, affection. Family members get sick. Life keeps going. We get sidetracked with so many other things to do.

But what I’ve learned is this….I must make time to pray for John and our marriage. Even if it’s while I’m brushing my teeth, washing the dishes, or sick on the couch ~ I’ve made the predetermined decision, regardless of my circumstances, I will pray for my husband and our marriage every single day.

Like Nike says, “Just do it” 🙂

If you feel like it or not….

If he was loving this morning or not…

If he’s praying for you or not….


One thing that has really helped me make my promise a reality is my Prayer Guide (click here for my Prayer Guide recap).

Using my prayer guide, I can look at John as I pray, record my prayers, and have a list of specific things to pray for him. (See the yellow post-it notes in the pic? My little Sarah used to sit on my lap while I prayed for “Daddy” and write out her prayers too. Aren’t her little notes sweet??)

(In the picture on the left is a download called 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband. You can print it off here)

Please know, I do not use my Prayer Guide everyday (I sure wish I did). There are some days that my prayer time is while I walk the dog, or sit at the bus stop waiting for the kids ~ but thankfully, I can see the FRUIT from committing to praying for our marriage and John every single day. Prayer has breathed new, fresh life into a marriage that was fading fast. Prayer works…of this I am sure!

What about for you?? What have you found has been helpful to strengthen your marriage?? I’d love to hear from you!

Many blessings to you this week!! Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!

P.S. I’m linking up today with my dear friend
Julie from Come Have A Peace for Marriage Mondays! Be sure to hop her way for lots more marraige tips! 🙂

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