Hello friends 🙂

I’m super excited to share with you a major, surprising #plottwist in my journey. Woo Hoo!

First, some history:  As you know, I’ve spent the past two years preparing, writing, teaching, and traveling to Greece for my book Live Full Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World.

I’m thrilled it’s released (yay, God!) and love hearing how God is using it to change lives all over the nation. Hooray!

I began praying very specifically this past fall about what God might have next for me. Should I…

  • Write a new Bible study?
  • Put my story from addict to overcomer into print?
  • Write a book on grief or addiction or living “fat talk free” or prayer….

The ideas have been endless, so I started to pray very specifically that God would reveal what He would have me do.

And then, on Wednesday, December 7th, I had a weird dream.  

Stick with me here, friends. It’s bizarre, I know.

The dream involved the GEMS Girls’ Club MInistry. Have you heard of GEMS before? Here’s a quick minute-long video to show you a quick peek at who they are:

Warning: The video is so super cute and you may want to grab a tissue for the happy tears.

I have such huge respect for the GEMS MInistry. GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior—how awesome is that?!

They have nearly 800 clubs nationally, and 100 overseas. What an awesome Kingdom reach!

My girls have both been involved at GEMS, so as a mom, I have seen firsthand the difference this ministry makes. I’ve spoken at numerous GEMS events over the past few years, love their staff and leaders, and I’m already scheduled to be one of their keynote speakers at their 2017 Annual Summer Conference. Years ago I even met with one of their key leaders, wondering somehow, someway, would God allow our ministries to partner together. Plus, their magazines are called Sparkle and Shine Brightly. How fun!

And in my dream, I was hired to be the Executive Director of GEMS.

Crazy dream, right?

It wasn’t even on my radar to look for a job. But after praying and talking with my husband John, I inquired if GEMS was looking for a Executive Director, and before long I had a job description in my hand.

Friends, it described me perfectly!

The role requires much of the same responsibilities that I carried out when I was the Director of Children’s at a local West Michigan mega-church (just an even bigger job). I submitted a resume mid December, and have since gone through four very thorough, intense interviews, plus they checked five references at length. They did their homework!

John and I have been praying like crazy ever step of the way for God’s perfect will to be done.

Now in case you are wondering, “CIndy, this feels like a big switch. Maybe you’re just tired from writing your book.” (I’ll be honest, at first I wondered the same thing.)

But my top spiritual gift is leadership. Building teams, vision casting, equipping and empowering leaders brings me so much joy! Y’all, I seriously have prayed for decades that God would help me lead a team that would change the world. My mind whirls and twirls with fresh possibilities.

Plus, to be honest, it has been a huge struggle to be home by myself all day while my family is gone, and then leave nights and weekends when they are home. To work regular office hours will be a wonderful switch for my family, and for me.

A few weeks ago my dad asked, “Cindy, I heard you had an interview. I thought speaking and writing was your calling.”

My first, pure response was, “Oh Dad, following Jesus is my calling.”

And sometimes when we follow Jesus we just never know where He might take us.

Can I get an amen?!

This past Tuesday the GEMS Board officially offered the job as GEMS Girls’ Club Executive Director, and 24 hours later, I prayerfully and humbly accepted. I am thrilled!

Cue the Confetti!

What does this mean for my speaking? The GEMS Board has given me their blessing to fulfill all of my 2017 events, including going to Guatemala with Compassion International. Thankfully my 2017 events are mostly on the weekends, and since my new job is regular office hours primarily M-F 8-4:30, there shouldn’t be much overlap. Hopefully I’ll see you at an event this year!

What does this mean for my new book? Since I’m in the midst of a media tour for Live Full Walk Free, this month would be a hard time to take a new job. Thankfully GEMS is allowing me to start on February 15th. Hooray! This gives me time to complete a large number of radio/TV interviews, podcasts, visit new LFWF and Red Hot Faith Bible studies, etc..  {Canadian friends, I’ll be LIVE on 100 Huntley Street this February 6th. Will you please pray? I’m nervous. LIVE TV makes my stomach do flip flops.}

I also hope to meal plan and clean my house and buy new clothes besides yoga pants before I enter the full-time workforce. Ha!

What does this mean for you, my friend? Sweet friend, I love you. I thank God for you. I am thankful for the ways our paths have crossed—sometimes in real life, sometimes through social media. Hopefully I’ll continue to have the humble privilege of encouraging you on your journey of faith, pray for you, and remind you of the capital “T” Truth, plus the need for a good confetti-filled celebration.

Although my social media posts may be fewer (and will definitely not be during office hours) you know I am always cheering for you and believing God’s best for YOU. I’m so thankful we are on the same Kingdom team!

Lastly, how can you pray? Will you please join me in praying for a smooth transition? My kids and family all have such peace, and they are thrilled I won’t have to be gone on so many weekends! (Me too.) Prayers for oodles of wisdom and grace in my new role, and that God will help me “wrap up” my current ministry commitments, so I can focus 100% of my attention on GEMS. (I don’t need two full-time jobs. Ha!)

Thanks for being a place where I can share my joy! I would love your prayers, wisdom as I start a new role, and crockpot recipes. 🙂

When was the last time you experienced a #plottwist, friend? I’d love to hear from you!

I thank God for your encouragement and support, friend!  Now let’s go change the world for Jesus’ sake!

With gratitude and love,



P.S. A huge shout to my fun friend Paulette who first responded with #plottwist when this fun journey began. Love you, Professor P! xoxo

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