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Hello dear Bloggy Friends ~

I need to interrupt my previously scheduled blog post and ask for your prayers.

I mentioned a few weeks ago there were suspicious garage fires in my neighborhood. So far this summer, 7 garages have caught fire. Praise the Lord no one has been hurt, but the situation obviously has placed a great deal of stress on the families in our quiet little neighborhood.

Last night, my husband John asked if I thought the fires were over. Thankfully, it had been 17 days without any fires. We both hoped (and prayed) the person(s) involved had come to their senses and this whole ordeal was behind us.

Imagine our shock when huge, loud fire trucks began covering our street at 2:30 AM this morning.

Yep – a new fire. This time FIVE houses down from where we live. (Yes, just 5 houses).

Praise the Lord, once again, no one was hurt. (Our friend was up reading in the night, heard a POP, noticed a “glow” across the street, ran and started banging on the door. The owner of the residence was home, but is safe). John joined many of our neighbors outside in the middle of the night as our road was filled with the bright lights of fire trucks, police cars, and neighbors with flash lights.

I don’t think many of us got much sleep after the fire trucks pulled away.

Today at the bus stop, on the first day of school, rather than an excitement at the beginning of a new school season, the fires were the topic of conversation. One mom wondered if she should hang a sign on her garage letting “the person” know her 4 children are sleeping right above the garage. John and I wonder if we should sleep elsewhere (our master bedroom is right above our garage). We are practicing fire drills with our children and have safety ladders ready to put into position. We are taking prayer walks around our neighborhood, and many neighbors are sharing they are tense, afraid, and getting little to no sleep each night. We are desperate for Divine intervention.

Early this morning I began praying once again for a miracle. For this person to surrender TODAY, and to be placed where he/she cannot make these destructive choices anymore. For this whole mess to be OVER. For God to redeem all of this for His Kingdom purposes, and for our homes to be filled with peace, laughter, and nights of good rest.

Dear friends, would you please take a minute to pray for this situation? However God might lead you…but our little neighborhood is desperate for a mighty touch of the Father.

Thank you so very much! I look forward to sharing how God answers our prayers very soon!!

God’s richest blessings to you~

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