Hey Friends –

Do you know someone who is struggling with addiction?

Or perhaps you’ve been entrapped by the intense cravings and obsession addiction can bring to one’s life.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

Addiction is not a topic I share in detail about regularly, but most recently I’ve been asked a number of times to share how God set me free from my serious drug and alcohol addiction. (Recap here)

I’d much rather talk about Jesus, confetti, living fat talk free — anything but this. However, I’ve prayed all along if my story could help anyone, I would be willing to share it.

So here comes the truth, friend. Nothing but the truth.

For question # 2 — Did you ever use drugs or alcohol again — I need to answer those questions separately.

Rather than typing out my whole story, here is a quick video answering the question,

“Did I ever use cocaine again after my near fatal overdose?”

Disclaimer:  My daughter Amanda filmed this for me in one take. Please forgive the raw, rough footage, and the end of day make-up and hair. Manda said, “You look much better in real life, Mom — but it should be fine.” Thanks, Manda?!


Sweet friend,  I’m not sure where my story finds you today, but please be reminded our God is a God of redemption and new beginnings.

No matter where you have been.

No matter what you have done.

No matter what has been done to you.

Our God is a God of new mercies, fresh starts, forgiveness, unconditional love and oodles of grace.

If you are caught in the trap of addiction  — whether it’s food, alcohol, need for approval, porn, or shopping — may today be the day you declare “No More!”

Please cry out to God, then call a friend and share the whole truth. You do not have to journey alone.

You were created for so much more than the destruction and defeat addiction brings.

Sweet friend, you need Jesus. Please don’t wait another day.



P.S. In my next post I’ll address the question  – did I ever use alcohol again? The answer may surprise you!


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