I recently came across this quote in a parenting magazine…

The best bit of wisdom I received from my mother was really quite simple: children need ordinary Tuesdays…..”

This quote made me think…Am I giving my children ordinary Tuesdays?? What does an ordinary Tuesday look like for us?? What are the everyday activities that form our simple little life?

So here’s a sneak peek into our Ordinary Tuesday today…

1. I went to my daughter Sarah’s Kindergarten Reader’s Theater at school.

2. John and I enjoyed lunch together at the Omlette Shoppe. We went to celebrate his….(drum roll please)….NEW JOB!! Praise the Lord!!

Starting next week, John will be the Controller at Railside Golf Course here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are thrilled about this new opportunity!!

(Thank you, dear bloggy friends, for your faithful prayer support and encouragement on this journey! What a blessing!)

3. After lunch, John spent the afternoon cutting down trees!

I’m not kidding! Even in the rain, he cut down two trees in our yard, pulled out a whole section of bushes, spread new mulch, and so much more!

I decided I’d better get out of his way!

4. So…I spent the afternoon at the bookstore working on my book proposal!

5. After school, I took Benj & Amanda to gymnastics.

6. And lastly, I brought home pizza for dinner!

So there’s a “sneak peek” into our ordinary Tuesday….although I must admit ~ I have a hard time thinking any day is “ordinary”. You know me…any ordinary day is an opportunity to celebrate our extraordinary God and the gift of life He’s given to us!!

What does an ordinary Tuesday look like for you?? How did you spend your day?? I hope it was Terrific!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. May God bless you with a fresh measure of His love, joy and peace!!

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