Online Bible Study for Red Hot Faith

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Are you ready to fire up your faith and live with fresh passion and purpose?!

If you’re tired of being pulled into a swirling, lukewarm routine of life that keeps you from experiencing God’s best, Red Hot Faith is for you!

Join author, Bible teacher, speaker, and GEMS Executive Director Cindy Bultema as she takes you on an exciting journey to the land of the Bible to explore the early church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22). Just like us, the people in that church struggled with trying to “juggle it all” and moving out of their comfort zones.

Through the Red Hot Faith Online BIble Study, Cindy will help you:

  • Turn up the heat on lukewarm living, and ignite a sizzling faith life
  • Recognize patterns, habits, and attitudes that seek to steal or replace passion for God
  • Replace negative self-talk with new “nametags” of Truth
  • Discover meaning and purpose in the mundane, messy, and everyday moments of life
  • Implement new easy strategies and tips for fueling the fire of your faith 

How It Works

Red Hot Faith Online is an 8-week Bible study. Through a private FB group, you will have access each week to the full teaching videos for FREE, as well as to a LIVE gathering on Monday evenings with author Cindy Bultema. 

All you have to do is register, purchase your Red Hot Faith participant’s guide to follow along, watch the teaching video, and engage in the personal study days throughout the week.

The kick-off session begins LIVE on March 8! There will be a new video available in the Facebook group every Tuesday.

Getting Started:

  1. Register for the study here.
  2. Purchase a copy of the Bible study book from Amazon, GEMS Girls’ Clubs, or your favorite local Christian bookstore.
  3. Join the private Facebook group (search: Red Hot Faith Online Bible Study). This is where you will experience community! Introduce yourself, say hello, and check back often for connection questions, free printables, and access to the Red Hot Faith video teachings.
  4. Mark your calendar for the kick-off gathering on Monday, March 8th! You’ll meet at 8 PM ET via Facebook LIVE on the private Facebook page with author Cindy Bultema and her best friend Julie Richardson.
  5. Get ready to how to turn up the heat and fuel the fire of your faith.

Questions? Email We are here to serve you!

Friend, let’s get ready to live a life of Red Hot Faith!


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