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Hey Y’all –

I just came home from the most amazing weekend in Texas and New Mexico! I can’t wait to share with you how God showed up BIG TIME!

I was invited to share Red Hot Faith with the beautiful women from Cielo Vista Church in El Paso, Texas. The retreat was held at Bonita Park, located in the beautiful mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Amazing!


The women were amazing, warm, hospitable, kind and super fun! 

They even made a Red Hot Faith song!

They even made a Red Hot Faith song!

We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we worshiped, we shared our real hearts – and I left with 100+ new friends and sisters in Christ. 

Amazing Retreat Committee

Amazing Retreat Committee

For more pictures, take a peek on my FB ministry page here

Here’s one of the many miracles – When I left Michigan, I had a horrible, nagging cough. Unfortunately I coughed ALL the way to Texas from Michigan. (Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to sit next to me on the plane. Ugh!) It was horrible.

I also coughed the WHOLE drive from Texas to New Mexico (two and a half hours). I took 3 different medicines, drank hot tea with lemon, cough drops by the bag full – nothing would work.

I put a plea out on FB for prayer right before I started my first session. I begged my friends to pray that I could make it through my talk without a coughing fit.

Would you believe during my four 1 hour messages – I never coughed once. Not one time.

At night, I’d cough all night long. During the day, I’d cough like a crazy woman. But once the microphone was turned on, my cough completely stopped. THANK YOU GOD!

It was a miracle – no doubt about it!

Although I am completely exhausted and ready for a BIG nap ~ my heart is filled to the brim with joy and gratitude!

Met so many beautiful women!

Met so many beautiful women!

**Thank you, dear Cielo Vista Church sisters, for your warm welcome and amazing time of fellowship together. Our weekend together was special, sacred time ~ an experience I will never forget!

**Thank you, praying friends, for “praying down the tracks“! God is so faithful and He answered every one!

**Thank you, dear John, for traveling with your coughing wife and being an amazing travel partner and servant.

**Thank you Mom & Jackie for helping with the kids (and dog!), and for all the extra things you do to help keep our life sane.

**And a huge note of THANKS to my kids….for letting Mom fly across the country to share Jesus with others, and for my super fun sign (& Starbucks latte) to welcome me home. You bring me so much JOY!


Me & My Gang

Well I’m “fixin’” to put my feet up and get some rest! 

Will you share how God has blessed you recently? I’d love to hear from you!!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!

Sweet blessings to you!




 P.S. Cielo Vista Sisters, what name tag are you wearing today?  The next time you are tempted to put on a false name tag, be sure to watch this video. Remember who you are, my friends, and let’s know, live and walk in Truth! 

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