Anyone else glad the weekend is here??!

I must confess in advance, I feel guilty sharing about my horrible week, especially after I just shared how much I want *She Sparkles* to be a joy-filled, celebratory, fun place to visit.

But then this week happened. Ugh.

I warn you now…you are about to view pictures that may cause your stomach to gag. Yes, be afraid, be very afraid.

So what made my day week so horrible?

It started Tuesday night. We were blessed to receive a wonderfully prepared homemade Meatloaf dinner from a dear friend. I had an unopened bag of Fresh Express lettuce that I needed to use, and thought it would go nicely with the meal I had received. Little did we know…..

Here is Jake holding his discovery on his fork….

No, it’s not a pea pod ~ although it does look like one…it is actually A (HEADLESS) GRASSHOPPER!! Ewwwww!

From there, my week went down hill.

John and I are experiencing real challenges with one of our dearly loved kids, and this precious one and I battled for 2 hours on Wednesday. I wish I had pictures. No, I don’t.

Here’s a snapshot…

Me ~ trying to stay calm, preparing dinner, waiting for John to come home, praying for peace & wisdom

Child ~ screaming at me for an hour that I’m a horrible mom, worst mom ever, no one loves her, etc.. (turns out she had a sad thing happen on the bus ride home, and I was the lucky target of her anger. Because I asked her to take off her boots. Lovely).

Finally I called my mom and asked for help. Yep, I’m 40 and still need my mommy πŸ™‚

(On a personal note, this precious one has diagnosed emotional challenges, so typical consequences, etc.. are not always effective. We are seeking professional help.)

Thankfully my mom came right over and was able to help calm down the child who shall remain nameless.

Thursday just got worse…I won’t bore you with the details, but trust me ~ it too was a real “hum dinger” of a day, involving kids, school, fighting and meanness. Ugh.

So, of course, when I ran into the grocery store quickly to return the grasshopper (yuck) and pick up something for dinner (tacos, what else) ~ EVERYTHING IN ME THOUGHT I MUST BUY A DIET COKE. OR TWO. OR MAYBE I CAN JUST DRINK RIGHT OUT OF THE SODA FOUNTAIN.

(Did I tell you I’m trying to exercise my self-discipline muscles and haven’t had a Diet Coke in 2011? Those of you who know me well recognize the miracle that I’ve made it “thus far”.)

And trust me, my flesh was crying out I MUST HAVE DIET COKE NOW!!

Thankfully I was able to bypass all of the pop calling my name ~ mostly because I was headed straight towards the Starbucks conveniently located in my local grocery store.

Ahhh….a Venti skinny vanilla latte with no foam and extra hot will make everything better.

As I was pulling out my Starbucks giftcard (thanks, Mom!) ~ I suddenly thought of a talk that I have shared over and over and over again….

About where do we run when life gets stressful. About STOPPING in the midst of the Stress, Acknowledging our need for Him, Filling our heart and mind with Truth, and Expecting God to show up….

And at that moment I realized I had a choice….

(to be continued…..)

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