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Well, hello dear friends!!

Welcome to my very first “vlog” (or video blog)!

I can’t believe I’m doing this…as many of you know I “dislike” the video camera ~ however, I have such a fun “God story” to share, I thought I would humble myself and give vlogging a try!!

Thank you in advance for your grace! My message was unscripted and from the heart. My little girl Amanda (age 7) was the videographer, and Sarah (age 6) was the prayer support during filming….so it was definitely a team effort.

Enjoy 🙂

Bottom line… I am learning so many lessons through this Craigslist adventure, such as….

That yes, God still speaks to His children.

And that He sometimes even chooses to use His kids when they are weary, worn out, and tired of one too many days not being able to breath or sleep at night.

I am learning that yes, our God is such a generous, Grace-filled, EXCITING God ~ we just never know how He might want to empower us to reflect His character, His heart, His generosity to others.

And I am learning that I might want to get out of my pajamas before noon (even if I really have been up working for hours!) ~ you just never know what special blessing God might bring to the door.

What about for you, my friend? What is God teaching YOU these days?? I would love to hear from you!!

And before you close this post, would you please stop and pray for this family in the process of adopting a sweet baby from Ethiopia?

I asked permission from my new Craigslist friend (aka Susan) if I could share part of their journey so that we could all “pray down some tracks“. Here is part of her response….


I have been sharing this journey with my husband and he is loving it! Thank you so much for your prayers—knowing that people are praying for us keeps my heart peaceful in this incredible journey.

I would love for you to share your “Craigslist Journey” and our link on your blog—we have some huge things coming up in our adoption that I would love to have bathed in prayer. We are now #3 on the waiting list—I am nesting like crazy and can’t concentrate…..

Please feel free to follow our blog for updates about our adoption—I don’t update super frequently, but try and keep any major happenings posted.


Blessings, Susan

P.S. ~By the way, my daughter went to school as Dora today—too cute!

Would you please pray that God would continue to reveal Himself to this family in significant, physical ways ~ and that He would supply all of their needs (physical, emotional, and spiritual)?

And if you have a moment, maybe hop over to Susan’s blog and encourage this sweet family! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles* today, my dear friend!! May God bless you TOO in very real and unique ways!!

You are special to Him….so special to me!!

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