West Michigan friends, I’m looking forward  to celebrating with my dear friends & family at the Red Hot Faith Fiesta this Thursday. Woo Hoo! Details here – RHF Fiesta Invite. I’d love to have you join us (& yes, it’s free!)

Hey Friends 🙂

As we thank God for our moms (and moms-in-law) and celebrate this Mother’s Day this weekend, may I encourage you to prayerfully consider anyone who might need some extra love this Mother’s Day?

I have one close friend who dreads Mother’s Day every year.

She is currently unable to have children, and I have learned much journeying with her. For years, my friend would skip church on Mother’s Day Sunday, because when all the mom’s were asked to stand up, it was too painful.

Can you imagine? Desperately wanting to be a mom, and watching while all the mothers in the room stand and receive a rose and a round of applause?

My girls and I have started a tradition of bringing her flowers, but Mother’s Day is a day she wishes she could fast forward through.

As we celebrate this weekend, may we be mindful of others as well, and look for ways to share hope, joy, and peace, for those who will be having a hard time on Mother’s Day.

For suggestions on things to say/not say, you may find my post on “What Should I Say?” helpful.

How about for you? Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day? Do have have a favorite Mother’s Day tradition?

Me & My Mom

I’m guessing my gang will serve me breakfast in bed (including a Starbucks vanilla latte). My son Jake usually whips up a delicious breakfast tray.

We’re having a Qdoba lunch at my house. Yum! And we’ll bring flowers and cards to those who are having a hard day.

I’m thanking God for my amazing, generous, grace-filled mom (who always takes the kids for sleepovers ~ bless you, sweet mama!!!!).

Me & My “Mom in Love” Jackie
And we’ll celebrate my encouraging mom-in-love Jackie (another girl who likes to celebrate!)….


…..I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers….

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! May you sense God’s presence with you….whatever you do!


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