brandisa-tour-wbrandon-heath-mandisa-54Hey Friends 🙂

Saturday night was the Brandisa (Brandon Heath/Mandisa) concert! What a GREAT show!

The Brandisa concert was super fun, yet worshipful, prayerful but also powerful, and overall just an amazing time. We all agreed it was one of our favorites!

My daughter Manda loved one of Mandisa’s dancers, and has now decided that’s what she wants to do in the future. She’s been dancing non-stop since the show!

If the Brandisa tour comes near you, run, don’t walk, to the concert. You’ll love it – promise!

mandisa Q & A

Q & A with Brandon & Mandisa

One of my favorite parts was learning more about Brandon & Mandisa during the Q & A before the show. Something Mandisa shared has stayed with me all weekend.

I don’t remember the exact question Mandisa was asked, but she responded by talking about the life of Gideon in Judges 6-8.

Mandisa shared what stood out to her was that in Judges 6 Gideon is called, “Mighty Warrior”, but it wasn’t until Judges 8 that Gideon starts believing and acting like the “Mighty Warrior” God has called him to be.

Isn’t that a good reminder?

I’ve been chewing on that all weekend, and even reminding myself afresh that in Christ, I’m a mighty warrior too — am I living like one or allowing fear to get in the way of my God-given identity?

Of course, my girls were super excited for the “Meet and Greet” after the concert.

Um, well maybe not just the kids. I may or may not have worn my shoes that Mandisa said she liked when I saw her in July, now known as my “Mandisa shoes”. LOL! And yes, Mandisa still likes them. 🙂

Brandon Heath, Mandisa, & my gang

Brandon Heath, Mandisa, & my gang

We all left the concert excited, refreshed, fired up and thankful for a great night of amazing music and a life-giving message. Woo Hoo!

Here’s a little Mandisa for you to start your week! I love all her music, but this is my new favorite –

My husband has had Brandon Heath in the CD player since we left the concert on Saturday night. Good stuff!

What’s your favorite Mandisa and/or Brandon Heath song? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! May your week be filled with much joy, laughter, and fun family moments!




P.S. Here’s how to get connected with Mandisa –


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