stressed1Hey Friends –

Friday was not my finest moment.

Have you ever had a moment when you thought if it was humanly possible — your entire head could explode and/or pop right off ?

Yep, that was me on Friday.

First, some history. Last week was a test of patience and character in nearly every direction. With every turn and phone call, we received more disappointing news.

  • Remember that little trip Jake took by ambulance to the ER in December? The medical bills are in, and after insurance, we owe $2000+.
  • The “beautiful” icicles that have decorated the exterior of our house are not so beautiful after all. In fact, they were a foreshadowing of the major ice dams and leaks that would overtake our home. Our family room now looks like this:leaks
  • Thanks to the leaks in our home, my days are now filled with visits from home repair men, insurance adjustors, and contractors. For those of you who know my loud beagle Rocky, can you imagine the wonderful sounds of my home with every ring of the doorbell? Yes, lovely.
  • John learned last week that our boat is ruined. It was stored in a heated facility, but the extreme temperatures caused the boat to freeze, crack, and the engine is now ruined.

Bottom line: to fix our boat = $9000. Bye bye boat.

Who knew this would be our final boat ride?!

Who knew this would be our final boat ride?!

I get that these are all #firstworldproblems. I’ve been trying to choose joy, and not allow my situations to impact my sanity.

love Valentines Day

love Valentines Day

Then came Friday — Valentine’s Day.

The day started off well. I made pink pancakes for all, and celebrated when everyone made it to school with their Valentine’s. Whew — peace.

Soon the phone rang. Sarah forgot her “secret pal” gift. Off to the elementary school I went.

An hour later,  I received a text from Sarah’s teacher. Sarah wasn’t feeling well, and she probably had an ear infection.

Trip # 2 to see Sarah. The school had given her medicine and she was feeling better. She didn’t want to leave school, especially since it was Valentine’s Day. I let her stay at school (dumb choice for me).

Soon, another text from Sarah’s teacher. Sarah was not feeling better, and wanted to come home. Trip # 3 to school, then off to the doctor, & a drive-through at the pharmacy to drop off our prescription.

Have you ever had days were nothing at all like you had planned them to be?

Here’s where I about lost it, friends.

The pharmacy said to come back in thirty minutes. Knowing they can be busy, I waited two hours. I left my gang home alone so I could run through the drive through quickly and pick up Sarah’s medicine.

Imagine my delight when I arrived at the pharmacy to see five cars ahead of me.


love this from The M.O.M. Initiative

love this from The M.O.M. Initiative

Still trying to not allow my situation to impact my sanity, I called home and let the kids know of my delay, settled in to the long wait, and then called my mom to fill her in on my crazy, disappointing week.

Twenty-five minutes later, it was my turn to approach the pharmacy window.

After kindly giving my daughter’s name, the lovely pharmacy tech said, “Oh, we’re just starting to process your request. It’ll be at least 30 minutes or so.”

Insert photo of me here about ready to explode.

My response: “I’m so sorry. I cannot come back in 30 minutes. I was told 30 minutes two hours ago. My daughter is at home sick, and needs her medicine. I’d like my medicine please.”

Insert big smile on outside, smoke and steam on inside.

Tech: “I’m sorry, mam. It’s not ready. What do you expect for me to do?”

Me: “I expect for you to give me my medicine. And I’m happy to wait right here until you do.”

Poor pharmacy tech. It wasn’t just the medicine, or lack thereof.

It was leaks + bills + sick kids + 101 inches of snow + work demands + overtired + wanting Diet Coke + medical bills + deafening dog + too many repair men + (fill in the blank).

Thankfully the tech knew I was close to a meltdown, and had my medicine within a few moments. But the incident was a huge indicator that my stress levels were at an all-time high, and I needed to tend to my frazzled, weary soul — and quickly.

What’d I do? I’ll fill you in more tomorrow (Good grief — this post is already long enough!)

In the mean time, please tell us how you are doing!

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1-low, 10-high)…how’s your stress level these days?

When was the last time you felt like you could explode?

How’d you handle your stress? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!  May your day be calm and peace-filled, and may any crazy, chaotic situations not impact your sanity, my friend!

Sweet blessings,

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