7206Hey friends —

I’m on a quest to stay well-balanced and sane this Spring.

In years past, Spring months — especially the mayhem of May — have equaled one stressed out, senseless, and overly strained mama. (I’m getting jittery just rereading former spring blog posts).

But not this season, friends!

This mama has a Spring Sanity Strategy!

I’ve been implementing my new favorite word, “no“– and boy does it feel good!

  • No, I cannot volunteer for that school activity (although it sounds wonderful and no one else has signed up. No.)
  • No, I cannot add that project to my work load.
  • No, I didn’t see Parenthood last week. No TV for me this season.
  • No, I cannot join that book club — even though it sounds super fun.
  • No, I didn’t see that on Twitter. Or Pinterest. With no laptop, my social media time is limited (and I think that’s a good thing).
  • No, I cannot redecorate your bedroom.

You get the drift.

However, as I focus on my Spring Sanity Strategy, I’m also implementing many important “Yeses” into my life.

Here are a few of my favorite –

  • Yes, I will take care of my physical health. This is hard for me, friends. And new. My health is usually my first, “no.” Not this year. In fact, yesterday I literally handed over my full schedule book to my trainer and said, “Please put in two dates next week that work for you. I’ll plan my days around my work-outs.” My health matters.
  • Yes, I will read the Bible and memorize Scripture. Or I get crazy head. Quickly.
  • Yes, I will have lunch with my son who is in college. Every. single. time.  Again this week, I received a late night text with a lunch invite for the following day, and yes, I made some schedule switches to be there. My answer will always be Yes.
  • Yes, I will play cards with my kids. If I’m too busy to play after dinner, I’m too busy.
  • Yes, I will serve hot lunch. I love that my middle school age kids love having me come in to school — and it takes 30 minutes total. You need a hot lunch volunteer — yes!
  • Yes, I will still meet friends for coffee. I had coffee this week with a new friend/neighbor who first invited me in December. I’m grateful she understood I couldn’t meet right away — ahem — but nearly four months later, I super loved getting to know her. I left our coffee with a new friend, and hopefully a new neighborhood walking buddy too. Yes, I’m still open to quick coffee getaways — it might just take awhile. :/
  • Yes, I will call my mom. I’m trying to do better about filling my mom in on the details of my life — and not having her just read about it on FB. My family matters, and I want to grow in saying yes to my family who means so much to me.
  • Yes, I will serve my local church. One of the highlights of my week is serving at the welcoming desk at my home church. I love it!
  • Yes, I will pray for you. Hopefully my friends know they can text me and I will always pray for them. Always.
  • Yes — I will celebrate! In fact, it’s about time to get my “fiesta” on — Red Hot Faith is being released in May. Can I get a Woo Hoo?! It’s time to cue the confetti!

Bottom line: I have a choice.

You have a choice.

Although there are certain non-negotiables in our days — work, family, dinner time (why must we eat three times a day — this exhausts me!), laundry — I’m learning I do have more say about what goes into my schedule than I want to believe.

Let’s choose to say YES to the life-giving moments and memories that truly matter in our day, and say NO to the chaos, confusion, and clutter.

I’m on a quest to stay well-balanced and sane this Spring. Want to join me?

Just say YES!

May your day be filled with an abundance of all your favorite things!

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