7206Hey friends —

As you know, I’m on a quest to fill up my weary soul this season. 

In years past, Spring months—especially the mayhem of May—have equaled one stressed out, senseless, and overly strained mama. (I’m getting jittery just rereading former spring blog posts.)

But no more, friends.

This mama has a End-of-School Year/Summer Sanity Strategy!

I’ve taken the “should’s” out of my vocabulary, and instead, I’ve been implementing my new favorite word “no.” Boy does it feel good!

  • No, I cannot drive for the field trip (although it sounds wonderful and no one else has signed up. No.)
  • No, I cannot add that project to my work load, even though it sounds amazing.
  • No, I cannot tackle my FB messages inbox today. Or probably this week.
  • No, I cannot join that book club—even though it sounds super fun.
  • No, I don’t text with friends after dinner. That’s my family time.
  • No, I cannot redecorate your bedroom.

(The hardest “NO” of all I shared with my editor last week. More details about how that went soon.)

You get the drift, right? Sometimes a girl just has to say NO.

However, as I focus on my Summer Sanity Strategy, I’m also implementing many important “Yeses” into my life.

Here are a few of my favorite –

    • Yes, I will take care of my physical health. This is hard for me, friends. My health is usually my first, “no.” Not anymore. In fact, this week I finally called my eye doctor, regular doctor, dermatologist, and orthodontist. If I’m too busy to get my weird mole and eye twitch checked out, I’m way too busy. My health matters.
    • Yes, I will read the Bible and memorize Scripture. Or I get crazy head. Quickly. My goal is 45 new Memory verses since I turned 45 this year. Feel free to hold me accountable.
    • Yes, I will try and make dinner for John even though I hate greatly dislike cooking. John works so hard for our family, the least I can do is warm something up in the microwave and burn a candle so the house smells like I worked hard in the kitchen. (smile)
    • Yes, I will play cards with my kids. If I’m too busy to play after dinner, I’m too busy.
    • Yes, I will still meet close friends for coffee. I need my girlfriend time. Just make mine a decaf. 🙂
    • Yes, I will serve my local church. One of the highlights of my week is serving at the welcoming desk at my home church. I love it!
    • Yes, I will pray for you. Hopefully my friends know they can text me and I will always pray for them. Always. I may not be able to email back right away—but I will pray.

Bottom line: I have a choice.

You have a choice.

Although there are certain non-negotiables in our days — work, family, dinner time (why must we eat three times a day—this exhausts me!), laundry — I’m learning I do have more say about what goes into my schedule than I want to believe.

Let’s choose to say YES to the life-giving moments and memories that truly matter in our day, and say NO to the chaos, confusion, and clutter.

I’m on a quest to live with a pace of purpose this summer. Want to join me?

Just say YES!

May your day be filled with an abundance of all your favorite things!
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