keep-calm-and-just-say-no-13Hey Friends —

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying Spring-like weather in your part of the world.

Here is Michigan we started our day with gray clouds, snow flurries, and temperatures in the 20’s. ‘Nuff said about the weather.

I recently mentioned I’m really trying to be intentional about not living in a crazy and chaotic way this spring. Yeah, right.

With an intense speaking schedule, upcoming Bible study launch, kids’ spring sports, normal family life, etc.. — this is going to be downright hard. As a recovering people-pleasing, over-achiever, so far I’d give myself a “C”.  Baby steps, right?

Here are some things that I’ve done well so far (as painful as they were) —

    • I cancelled a meeting at my home. I’m a member of a ministry group which meets monthly at my home. Due to my insane schedule, I painfully told them I couldn’t come to this month’s meeting, and asked if they could meet at a local coffee shop instead. Friends, this killed me. Of course my ministry group was super supportive, and even affirmed making a healthy choice for me.
    • I kept my personal training appointment. The “old me” would have cancelled and used that precious time to get more work done. The “new me” knows if I’m too busy to take care of my health, I’m too busy. I matter.
    • I planned an “impromptu” date afternoon with my guy John. Even with a not-so-tidy house and a sink full of dirty dishes, I put housework aside and arranged for my kids to go to Grandma’s. (Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa Stille) John and I enjoyed a nice afternoon together viewing an encouraging movie with a great message. My marriage matters.
    • I’ve missed some of my beloved Monday night prayer classes. My commitment to my kids is I’ll only miss tucking them in one night a week. Since I’ve had some out of town speaking engagements, I’ve opted to listen to my prayer class online, and meet with my bff Julie over a lunch hour instead of our Monday evening tradition. Bedtime routines matter.
    • I called a friend and asked for help. I’m way behind in my ministry work load, so I humbly asked a girlfriend if I could hire her to help get me unburied from my overflowing email inbox and piles of papers. (She said yes — whew — and thankfully she works for coffee!)

As I’m planning my 2014-2015 speaking schedule, I’m mindful every time I say “yes” to an event, I’m saying “no” to my kids in some way. No, I won’t be able to tuck you in, or have dinner together, or read to you, or go to that hockey game.

Now y’all know I LOVE sharing Jesus with others — so I’m not suggesting I’m going to stop anytime soon, and my kids know mom being gone to share Jesus with women really fires her up — I’m just saying I’m learning to really pray about every “yes” outside of my home, and unless I’m feeling called — it’s ok to just say no.

There are seasons to say yes.

There are seasons to wait.

And there are seasons to just say no.

How about for you, friend? What season of life are you in now? What tips and strategies have you found help keep you sane in the very full spring months? In what areas of your life are you finding it helpful to just say no?

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a joy-filled, warm, amazing week!

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