Hey Friends —

Here’s the deal. Typically when I blog, I sit and pray and choose my words carefully and intentionally.

Not today.

I’m just plain old mad.  Forgive me in advance as I pound out my frustration and fury. I’ve had it, friends. Had. it.

First, some history.

This past season I have watched the enemy first hand come to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10) from my family members and close friends.

No joke — I’ve had private conversations regarding everything from porn addiction to affairs to cancer to suicide attempts to divorce to friends who are ready to just be done.

Life is hard, y’all.

You know this.

I read every single email and comment that comes my way. My heart breaks as I read about your pain, secret sorrows, and desperate need for a little hope and joy in the midst of your mess.

I get it.

I live it.

The enemy came this spring and attempted — big time — to destroy my marriage.

It nearly worked.

Whereas it’s still too soon to share the details  — if ever — please know I am still writing with a wounded, fragile heart. That crafty enemy tried a new slimy tactic, and he almost succeeded.

But God.

Thankfully, today, I can say my husband John and I are going to make it. But reconciliation has not come without a ton of tears, painful conversations, counseling sessions, earnest prayer, and oodles of grace.

Life is hard, y’all.

Which leads me to the shocking discovery shared in our community this week.

On Friday we learned a popular, well-liked DJ from our local West Michigan radio was arrested for “involvement” with under age children.  Yesterday we learned he confessed to raping a 12 year old boy. (Unbelievable recap here)

Sorry for being blunt, but this is what we’re dealing with in West Michigan, friends.

And yes, you read that correctly — he confessed.  It’s true.


A 12 year old boy.

My Benj is 12.

I. can’t. even.

Oh friends, will you join us in praying for the victim(s) involved in the case? May God use this great tragedy to shine His powerful searchlight on the victimization to precious kids happening in our own back yard.

May God in His powerful, redemptive ways transform every single ounce of the intense pain and unbelievable suffering to somehow be used for redemption and healing and life.

We need You, God.


Not to mention prayers for all involved — this DJ’s family (including new wife and stepson), friends, co-workers, & radio listeners.

And yes, prayers for the DJ too.

I peeked at some of the comments listed on newspaper articles, and it’s ugly. Christians arguing with other Christians on who to pray for, and how to pray. Non-believers bashing Christians and the Church. The internet “trolls” adding their ugly two cents. It’s a horrid state of affairs any way you look at it.


Friends, it’s time we turn this world upside down with the Good News of Jesus.

The world desperately needs us to be beacons of light and hope and Truth in the midst of this messy, messed up world.

If we are carrying the Name of Christ, may we seek to love and be love and to speak love.

No more of this nonsense.

No more of this secret internet stuff. (Let us not be ok with the statistic 1 out of 2 men in the church wrestle with pornography, and no, the statistic is not much better for women. This is not ok. Not on our watch!)

No more of the hidden deeds of darkness.

No more.

Friends, I’m begging you — if you are involved with anything in the darkness which needs to come to light, may today be the day you ask for help. Call a friend. Call a church. Call a counselor. Call someone and say no more.

You do not need to live in the secret sins and shame any more. It’s time to come to the light. Please.

Take it from a former drug and alcohol addict — freedom is possible, and wholeness and health is a beautiful thing.

You are not the one person who has outsinned the grace and mercy of God, promise.

Y’all know I don’t begin to have all the solutions, friends. Only Jesus.

How we desperately need Jesus to enter into this ugly situation. May He heal. Comfort. Redeem. Restore. Protect. Bring hope. Jesus alone is the Way, Truth, and Life. (John 14:6)

Our community is in shock. We are hurting, we are disgusted, we are grieved, we are desperate.




P.S. If you or anyone you love are struggling with a porn addiction, here are some links to help you on a journey to freedom.



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