Hey Friends

Today is a hard, discouraging, disappointing day.

You know, since I’ve given my life to Jesus and told God I’d go wherever He sends me, I’m used to the “trials” that come along with ministry.

  • When I worked at Mars Hill, John and I usually would fight right before every big event or opportunity. Ugh.

Now that John and I recognize this, we have *new* ministry challenges.

  • It’s not uncommon for me to get a cold or the flu or an ear infection or even an asthma flair up the week before a speaking event.
  • In the midst of my huge writing deadline, mice invaded our home. (John killed 14 in one week – yuck!)
  • 5 days before the Red Hot Retreat, my little girl shared lice with me. Nice.
  • When I was planning to go to Nashville last week, John & the kids got the stomach flu. When I got home, everyone was healthy again. Of course.

I recognize that as I prepare for filming my Bible study in Turkey and for my testimony to be aired on TV, the “attacks” may continue.

I’ve been super diligent about taking vitamins, getting rest, guzzling water, exercising, etc.. to maintain my physical health. I’ve spent hours in the Word and prayer trying to stay spiritually healthy.

When my son was in a car accident last weekend (one of my worst fears), I continued to declare my hope and faith in God.

I will not be shaken.

When RBC’s production assistant (Julie) and I went wardrobe shopping on Tuesday, she shared she’d strained her back and was very uncomfortable. Oh no!

“What if every time one of these new challenges come up we praise God?” I said.

  • Back pain – God, we praise You that the rest of Julie is healthy.
  • Driving past Jake’s accident scene – Lord, I praise You for keeping Jake healthy (and for him having not even a scrape!)

Thursday night I had a “tickle” in my throat. As I ran to Target, I declared, “Lord, I praise You for being Lord of my body, for over the counter medicine, for being faithful and true!”

Imagine my horror when I woke up Friday and had no voice. AHHHH!

Saturday I felt like a truck hit me – but went to the Med Center in case I have strep or mono and needed an antibiotic.

Friends, it’s not good. I have laryngitis. The doctors said it may be 7 – 14 days before I have my voice back.

NOOOOO! I am supposed to leave for Turkey this Thursday (that’s 4 days!).

Yesterday I was strong. I totally believed God had this and I’d be fine.

Today I had a melt down. Big time. I still have no voice, my throat feels like it’s on fire, and I’m just plain old sad. Mad. Disappointed. Discouraged.

How can I praise You God when I don’t even have a voice?

I wept.

And then I remembered the sweet friends God has blessed me with and their heart for prayer.

After I sent out a plea for prayer, I suddenly realized…

I can praise God without a voice!

I’ve been walking around doing sign language saying “Thank You, Jesus.”

I’ve nodded in faith and “Amened” in my heart as I’ve read prayers and words of encouragement that have blessed me today from my dear friends (and even my kiddos).

I put on some lip stick and watched my son Benj and his hockey team win their hockey championship today. (I promise I didn’t say a word – just pumped my fist in the air a lot!)

And I’ve declared to God again that I want this trip to Turkey to bring Him much glory!

When my voice returns I will share with fresh passion my Red Hot Faith in Him!

And if He is desiring for us to go to Turkey at a later date, I will thank Him for His sovereignty and care. (But my hope is that we go this week – pretty please, God?!!)

I will praise God…..

Friends, what are you praising God for today?

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! I’m off to grab some hot tea and head back to bed! Would you mind keeping me (and my voice!) in your prayers? I need a miracle!

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