Hey Friends!

Happy almost Christmas to you! 

One of our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Traditions is our annual “Happy Birthday Jesus” party. Although some of the details change each year, here are some ideas that have worked for us….

**Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party**

Who: We hold our party every year on Christmas morning. Some years (esp. when the flu has gone through our home) it’s just our immediate family, however, our hope is that we’d always have a spot for anyone wanting to celebrate Jesus with us.

Food: What’s a birthday party without good food? Since our party is in the morning, I plan a yummy brunch with all my family’s favorite dishes. This year I’ll be making french_toast_casserole (thanks, Lisa), cinnamon rolls, turkey sausage, and fresh fruit. Any other ideas?

Also, you can’t have a birthday party without cake, can you?! Some years we’ve made a “Jesus birthday cake“, although last year I ordered this fun cake.)

And yes, we do sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! If only we sounded like this….

Festivities: Every celebration needs a couple of fun games. Here’s some of our favorites:

• Christmas Bingo (You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?!) with M&M’s as markers.

Christmas Card Toss – Have children stand in a line and try to toss Christmas cards into a bucket.

• Musical Chairs with Christmas Music (my kids never outgrow musical chairs!)

• Pass the Gift – Wrap a present. Have guests sit in a circle and pass the gift while the music is playing. When the music stops, the guest with the gift gets to pick a candy cane off the tree and leaves the circle.

• Christmas Charades – Make a list of common Christmas items on the back of old business cards. Divide into 2 teams. Let the fun begin!

• Christmas Wreath Toss – Place three wreaths in a line on the floor. Have guests try to toss a Christmas stuffed animal into the wreaths.

• What’s Missing? – Place a nativity set on a tray. Let children look at it for a couple of minutes. Turn around and remove an item from the tray. Let children look again and see if they can spot what is missing

Christmas Old Maid – You play this game exactly like Old Maid, except instead of an Old Maid, you have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” card. And instead of trying to get rid of it, you win by being the last person to have the card.

Presents: We all bring a “gift” to present to baby Jesus, and then read the story of Jesus in Luke 2:1-16.

Thankfully, everyone at our home is healthy this year (thank You, God!) ~ so I am so excited about our Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration!

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?? I’d love to hear from you!


Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! God’s richest blessings to you this CHRISTmas season!

P.S. For more “Happy Birthday Jesus Party” ideas check here, here, here.

P.S.S. Although we try and keep Jesus as the Focus of Christmas in all we say and do, we do have a tradition of a picture with Santa every year. Here is the 2012 picture. Merry Christmas!

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