Hey Friends!

Do you have a friend who is honest and speaks the truth to you…always??

I’ve been thinking about this week as I’ve been journeying with my son Jake.

Many of you know Jake is the hockey goalie for his high school team – Grand Rapids Christian Eagles
Most games Jake is a rockstar in the net (if I may say so myself).

Jake made a travel team last year (although we passed on the opportunity) – and besides being the starting goalie for the Eagles, Jake’s been practicing with two local college teams.

Although Jake’s team doesn’t have a super great record, Jake’s stats are good and his future is promising after he graduates high school this May.

The past few weeks, the Eagles have played some really hard local teams. Jake and his team rose to the occassion! It’s been so fun cheering on my boy and watching him work his “Jake magic” in the net.

Until this weekend.

I’m not sure what happened…but Jake had a hard night in the net on Friday. Although I was at the Women’s Leadership Conference, I was getting text updates (shhh! don’t tell). My heart sank when I received the text…

“Score 8-3. They just pulled Jake”.


I came home from the conference and stayed up until Jake got home to encourage him. I tried to remind him of his extraordinary skills (like this). I reminded him that every athlete has “off” days. I tried to be a good cheerleader mom.

Saturday night we were on our way to Jake’s game. I sent my dad a text to see if it had started yet. My heart sank. Again…

First period. Score 4-1. Jake pulled again.


Jake was pretty upset, so I waited until Sunday to try and help him sort through the weekend. As we were talking, I said, “What did Travis say?” (Travis is one of Jake’s best friends and he’s also on the hockey team).

Jake said Travis just said…

“Why are you playing so bad this weekend?”

I cracked up.

Do you have a friend who is honest and speaks the truth to you…always??

to be continued tomorrow…..

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