Hey Friends ~

Thanks for your prayers and support for the “He Loves Meofficial Premiere on Mother’s Day! Wow!

I set my alarm and rolled out of bed to watch the Day of Discovery program. My Amanda was already awake so we shared the special, sacred moment together.

Who would have ever thought when I was in the midst of such addiction and pain that not only could and would God rescue me from my self-destructive pit, but then He would heal, redeem, restore and turn my story into a program for national television.

How do you even process something like that?

I guess that’s why I’ve been singing this song all weekend long…

If you’d like to watch “He Loves Me” (the full program) you can view it online here.

If you’ve had a chance to view the program, I’d love for you to share your thoughts here or in today’s comments section.

I’ve also been blessed by e-mails and FB messages from all over the nation (and Canada!) sharing how the “He Loves Me” program encouraged and inspired them on their faith journey. Thank You, God!

Julie & Cindy

RBC plans to re-air the program next year, right before my new video-driven Bible study (recently filmed in Turkey) is released.

Speaking of Turkey…I now have some short video clips from our recent trip to Ancient Laodicea.

Look for the clips later this week….

And now it brings me great joy to share the 42 winners from my Birthday Giveaway! (If your name is on the list, will you please send me your mailing address?)

Drumroll please….

1. Anne Lewis

2. Margay

3. S. Doorn

4. T. Otte

5. Deb Schmenk

6. Lisa Littlewood

7. M. Gabrielse

8. Angela Owens

9. L. Dekker

10. Heather Kellogg

11. D. Lund

12. Suzanne G.

13. Suzanne Tyria

14. Jenny C.

15. Amanda Jones

16. Beth Hutchings

17. Tracy Suzanne

18. Kim deBlecourt

19. Wendy Badeau

20. Sherrie Ashcraft

21. Ellen Schumaker

22. Hope B.

23. Brenda Johnson

34. Jill Winchel

35. M. Wondergem

36. Denise Dykstra

37. Melinda T.

38. Crystal Frens

39. Lee Mulder

40. Lorri Ruffrage

41. Grace and Peace

42. Melissa at Mult-Tasking Mom

 Thank you to all who entered!

Lastly, thank you for journeying with me through prayer through this amazing adventure! I thank God for you!!!

Sweet blessings,

CIndy 🙂

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