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I’m excited to share some “He Loves Me” Behind the Scenes secrets today!  First, let’s see if you can figure them out! Want to play along?
1. Where was “He Loves Me” filmed? What city??
If you guessed, Kokomo, Indiana you are correct! (Recap of why Kokomo – here)
I think Kokomo is super appropriate, especially since it it the “City of Firsts” ~ and this is my first video project! Yay, God!
And if you are familiar with Kokomo, Indiana and wonder if I saw “Big Ben” while I was there, the answer is YES! Picture below is me and Director Fred Hollis (another Kokomo native) with the historic Big Ben of Highland Park.

2. What was the first scene I had to film?

Although the promo is the first scene the viewers will see (promo here), it was actually one of the last scenes we shot. For the first scene, all I had to do was pull pedals off of a daisy and let the pedals fall to the ground. No speaking. No facial expressions. Just pull the pedals, Cindy.

Simple enough, right???

Can I tell you I was a shaky, nervous wreck?? At that moment I thought to myself, “Oh good grief, what in the world did I get myself into? It’s going to be a looong 2 days. Lord help me!” Thankfully God heard my cries and helped me get through the opening daisy scene, as well as the other scenes where I actually talked. Whew! (Thank You, God!)

3. How many of my family members (from my home) participated in this video production?
If you guessed ALL SIX you are correct!
When you watch the video in its entirety, you’ll see 5 familiar faces (from my home) and recognize 1 voice (besides mine). Another close family member is in the Christmas scene – but that’s another secret for another day!
See if you can tell from this mini clip which family members are involved. 🙂 

Did you recognize anyone??? 
(Special thanks to Jeanine, RBC’s Editor Extraordinaire  for coming up with the idea to have my Sarah pull the daisy pedals, and to have my Amanda’s voice in the background. I love that my girls are a part of one of the opening scenes!)
Thanks for stopping by and learning some of my “Behind the Scenes” secrets. 🙂  Most importantly, thanks for the special role YOU have played praying on the journey! May God use this “He Loves Me” project to share hope, joy, and TRUTH with ALL who have the opportunity to view it!
Sweet blessings to you~
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